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Skyaking - Sky Diving In A Kayak!! Miles Daisher Extreme Jump!!

Danger man Miles Daisher casts a bizarre image paddling in a kayak across the sky as he sky dives - 13,000 feet up in a KAYAK in Sebastian, ... tags: BASE_jumpCanoë-kayakkayakkayak_sky_divingMiles_DaisherMiles_Daisher_kayakParachutisme

BASE Jump Matthias Giraud - Great USA Flag Pants Pants Gainer

GoPro athlete Matthias Giraud, launches a huge gainer in Moab, Utah...wearing some sweet USA flag pants. tags: BASE_jumpGoProMatthias_GiraudMatthias_Giraud_BASEMatthias_Giraud_goproMatthias_Giraud_jumpMoab

Pure Speed Riding - 2350m run !!!

Because in winter speed riding is better than base jumping, we've just opened 'Dnivelator', one of the best and longest run I know Enjoy ... tags: BASE_jumpDénivelatorJulien_Fassinole_Blond_mountainMontagnemountainpure_speed_riding

People Are Awesome - 2012

People are Awesome Sports - People are Awesome 2012 - People are Awesome 2013 - People are Awesome 2010 - People are Awesome 2011 - ... tags: BASE_jumpCanoëEscaladehelicopterkayakPeople_are_Awesomerope

Skydive Proximity Flight HD

Salut tous les amis On se retrouve aujourd'hui pour le test flash de Skydive Proximity Flight Comme d'habitude si vous avez aimer ... tags: accidentbase_jumpdeugde_gayardonFly_Freefree_flyonetwo69

Base Jumper Survives Terrifying Cliff Strike

Base jumper Thayer Healy experiences a terrifying cliff strike in Moah, Utah. Injuries suffered compression fracture of the T12 vertebra, 5 ... tags: base_jumpbase_jump_cliff_strikebase_jupmer_survives_cliff_strikeextreme_videolucky_base_jumper

La chute impressionnante d'un base-jumper

Images Thayer Healy Retrouvez sur notre site toutes les vidos du Nouvel Observateur tags: basejump

Base Jump crash on a cliff - Violent!

Violent Cliff Strike during Base jump Compression Fracture of the T12 Vertebra, 5 stitches to the eye, 6 stitches to the chin, severely ... tags: accidentbase_jumpclimbingcrashextreme_sportFree_Fallhurt

Accident de BASE JUMP violent - Il heurte la falaise.

Lors d'un saut en BASE jump le 24 novembre 2013, Keith va percuter plusieurs reprises la paroi d'une falaise. Passe au ralenti, la chute ... tags: accidentaccident_de_basejumpaccident_de_parachuteBASE_jumpblesséchute_libreEscalade

Extreme Sports Best Of the Week #36 : Crash, Base Jump, Ski, MTB, Crossover, Snow, BMX, Skate, Kart

Watch this 'best of the week' video edited by Riders Match in partnership with Yahoo Sports, featuring the best action sports footage ... tags: BASE_jumpBMXcrashMTBridersRiders_MatchSkate

Wie eine Fledermaus: 20-jähriger springt aus 52 Metern

Von einem 52 Meter hohen Kran zu springen, ist ja eigentlich schon verrckt genug. Der sterreicher Daniel Msl allerdings setzte todesmutig ... tags: BasejumpBungeejumpingKopfüberKranTodesmutigzoomin