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Pay-per-use bandwidth? Not without some ground rules

Molly Wood faces the hard reality that the days of unlimited bandwidth are over, but she's not going to get taken to the cleaners by greedy ...

Starbucks and Google to deliver jolt of speed

08/01/13 Starbucks and Google are teaming up to boost Wi-Fi speeds at SBUX coffee shops across the U.S. tags: bandwidthconnectionfilegooglepartnershipRemyretailer

Stealing Windows passwords. Shannon's hacking with the Katana USB boot key, automated file ...

Stealing Windows passwords with a crafty Metasploit Keylogger - Mubix explains. Shannon's hacking from a cave with the Katana USB boot key, ... tags: bandwidthcavefilefirefoxfromhackmonowall

Top 5 Networking Tools in the Command Line - OS.ALT

Be careful, you might actually enjoy learning how to troubleshoot your network in the terminal. Monitor performance, bandwidth usage much ... tags: bandwidthcliconsoleiftopmintmonitornetwork

TAP068: Podcasting Stuff You MUST Get Right the First Time

Podcasters don't have to be perfect, and it's easy to fix most of our mistakes. But here are thirteen things that you can't fix later if ... tags: AACbandwidthcategoriescover_artdomainsemailencoding

How to Check Data Usage on Android 4.0

Let us show you how to check your phone's data usage on Android 4.0. tags: androidandroid_4.0bandwidthcheckdatadata_plan_usagedata_usage

#387 - Q&A: What's UBB (You're getting robbed)?

Comments DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT Buy reviewed products Register tags: 3dgamemananswerbandwidthbasedbellbillingbling

Akamai's Andrew Grant: Broadband Tiering to Increase in the U.S.

The 'all you can eat' plate of high speed broadband access delivered to home users will shift increasingly in the near future to a 'tiered' ... tags: akamaiAndrew_Grantbandwidthbeet.tvBroadbandbroadband_internetbroadband_tiering

Largest corruption in Bharat

This is corporate corruption. Some government officials including former Telecom Minister A. Raja had allocated bandwidth at below market ... tags: 2008 2g_spectrum anti_corruption a_raja bandwidth co corporate

How To Turn An Internal HDD Into An External HDD (USB Vs E-SATA Speed test)

My guide on how to Turn An Internal Hard Disk Drive Into An External Hard Disk Drive so take a 3.5inch SATA drive and put it in a caddy ... tags: An bandwidth Computer data E-SATA External Hard Disk Drive