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Backhand Videos by Popular

Backhand Taekwondo Punch Tutorial

In this video tutorial you will learn how to backfist, or backhand punch someone in taekwondo. tags: backbackfistbackhanddofisthowpunch

A Guide To Badminton Shots

Badminton is a really fun game. You need a badminton racket and a shuttle and minimum two people to play the game. You can master this game ... tags: backhandbadmintobadmintonforehandoverheadshotshots

How To Do A Perfect Badminton Drop Shot

How to Do A Perfect Badminton Drop Shot This video will show you how to perform a perfect backhand overhead drop shot while playing the ... tags: backhandbadmintondropgripoverheadshot

How To Play A Badminton Backhand Smash

Brief instructional video, showing intermediate badminton players how to preform a backhand overhead smash. tags: backhandbadmintonoverheadsmash

How To Hit A Badminton Net Shot

How to Hit A Badminton Net Shot This video will show you a few techniques and tips on how to correctly attempt a forehand and backhand net ... tags: backhandbadmintonforehandnetshot

A Guide To Badminton Techniques

How to Get Good At Badminton An introduction to the two main racquet techniques that will ensure your introduction to this graceful yet ... tags: backhandbadmintonforehandgriphandshaketechniques

Tennis: The Passing Shot

VideoJug's tennis expert Fabin 'Fab' Nuez Seixa describes to users how to play a winning passing shot. Let VideoJug help you master this ... tags: backhandFabiánforehandhideNuñezPassingSeixa

Tennis: The Basic Grips

Fabin 'Fab' Nuez Seixa demonstrates three basic tennis grips the eastern backhand, the continental and the eastern forehand, but also ... tags: backhandEasternFabiánforehandMuleNuñezSeixa

The Service Return

Tennis expert Fabin Nuez Seixa shows VideoJug how to hit a service return. Learn how to master the service return in four easy steps with ... tags: backhandcourtFabiánforehandNuñezpositionreturn

How To Do A Backhand Drive In Table Tennis

British and Irish Table Tennis champion Jason Sugrue demonstrates to VideoJug how to play a backhand drive in table tennis. tags: backhanddriveJasonSugrue

The One-Handed Backhand Grip

Latin America's top tennis coach Fabin 'Fab' Nuez Seixa explains the one-handed backhand grip and its use in tennis. Watch this VideoJug ... tags: backhandDIYVideoJug

The Basic Backhand Volley

Latin America's top tennis coach Fabin 'Fab' Nuez Seixa explains to VideoJug users the basic backhand volley. Become the master of your own ... tags: backhandvolley