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Atomic Bomb Videos by Popular

U.S. Army 1959 Atomic Bomb Test

PLEASE EXPAND DESCRIPTION Once a Week I'm going to upload a video that has little or nothing to do with video games. I'm calling it 'Video ... tags: atomic_bombbomb_testnuclear_falloutus_army

Report: U.S. Nearly Nuked Itself in 1961

Newly declassified documents show how a terrifying scenario on American soil was narrowly averted at the height of the Cold War.

Biography of Harry S. Truman: Atomic Bombs, Communism, Korean War

The buck stopped with him. learns more about the life and accomplishments of the 33rd President of the United States, Harry S. Truman. tags: atomic_bombDemocratFDRFranklin_Delano_RooseveltgovernmentHarry_S._Trumanhistory

World War II: How Did It End?

Almost six years to the day after it began, the bloodiest war in history drew to a close. In Part 8 of our series on WWII, looks at the ... tags: Adolf_HitlerAllied_Powersatomic_bombAxis_PowersBattle_of_BerlinBattle_of_BritainBenito_Mussolini

World War II: The Aftermath

This war left many countries devastated and influenced generations of life. In Part 9 of our series on WWII, takes a look at the aftermath ... tags: Adolf_HitlerAllied_PowersAsiaatomic_bombAxis_PowersCold_WarEurope

World War II: Tactics, Weapons and the Holocaust

A number of new technologies and ideologies came forth during this battle that made war deadlier than ever before. In Part 6 of our series ... tags: air_warfareatomic_bombAuschwitzblitzkriegconcentration_campGermanyhistory

World War II: Nuclear Bombings of Japan

These were the only instances where nuclear weapons were used as a wartime measure. learns more about the atomic bombings of Japan during ... tags: Alliesatomic_bombFat_ManFranklin_Delano_RooseveltGermanyHiroshimahistory

I Liked Ike - Aug 04,2011

Dwight D Eisenhowers speeches. I feel the he and John F Kennedy were our best presidents. After Johnson only Carter was pretty good.I liked ... tags: Atomic_BombBlogTalkRadioBlog_Talk_RadioDwight_D_EisenhowerI_liked_IkeMilitary_Industrial_ComplexNews_Politics

The History of U2

In this video, we take a look at the history of the rock band, U2, which formed in Dublin, Ireland in 1976. tags: 360_tourachtung_babyadam_clatyonalternative_rockatomic_bombbandbio