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Astronomy - Searching for "Dark Energy? | Tomorrow Today

Last year the Nobel Prize for Physics was awarded for the discovery that the universe is expanding at an increasing pace. The reason, ...

Brilliant Minds - Astronomer Mary Williams | Tomorrow Today

When she was 14, Mary Williams from New Zealand already knew she wanted to be an astronomer. Now, at 34, she's a researcher at the Leibniz ...

Studio Guest: Prof. Klaus Strassmeier | Tomorrow Today

Our studio guest this week is Prof. Klaus Strassmeier from the Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics in Potsdam AIP

Malware, Atomic Bombs & LSD: Life After the Singularity

Malware, Atomic Bombs LSD Life After the SingularityThe Long Now Foundation - The Long Now FoundationA Seminar About Long-term Thinking ...

Introducing myself to the world of dailymotion

introducing myself to daily motion

Water-Rich Exo-Planet Found: Gliese 1214b

Beyond our solar system, a 'super-earth' planet called Gliese 1214b was discovered. Recently, scientists at the Subaru Telescope in Japan ...

Simulations uncover secrets of merging black holes

Supercomputer models of merging black holes reveal properties that are crucial to understanding future detections of gravitational waves. tags: AstrophysicistsAstrophysicsCenteFlightGoddardInNASA

Science says 'ciao' to Italy's Margherita Hack: the...

Italy' s Margherita Hack was not only a highly-respected astrophysicist but a popular science writer, public intellectual and civil rights ... tags: AstrophysicsciaoeuronewsHack:ItalyItalyssays

Tv9 Gujarat - Saurashtra University would offer courses in astronomy and astrophysics

Saurashtra University students will be able to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate courses in astronomy and astrophysics soon and will be ... tags: andastrophysicsGujaratiIndiaGujaratGujaratiTV9GujaratNewsGujaratRajkotNewsGujarati

The dark side of matter

Dark matter is one of the deepest mysteries of the universe no one can see it but scientists are sure it exists. It is the glue that holds ... tags: AstrophysicsdarkeuronewsLAquilamatterresearchscience

Interview de l'astrophysicien Vincent Minier, 2e partie

Le scientifique du CEA parle des donnes engranges par le tlescope Herschel. tags: AstrophysicsAstrophysiqueCEAfactoryHerschelMinierNovea

Revealing a Hidden Universe: Into The Cosmic Time-Machine

An overview of the the Spitzer Space Telescope mission 3/2008 tags: astronomyastrophysicstelescope