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Why do gas prices go up overnight, but take much longer to go down? Ask USA TODAY

A reader wants to know why the yo-yo effect in gas prices acts much quicker when gas prices are going up than when they are going down. ... tags: Ask_USA_TODAYEditorial_pageGas_Pricesjohn_waggoneroilpersonal_financepetroleum

Are we ever going to have real tax reform in the U.S.? Ask USA TODAY

Is tax reform in the U.S. possible If so, what kind Take a look at personal finance columnist John Waggoner's answer to this reader ... tags: Ask_USA_TODAYEditorial_pagejohn_waggonermortgage_deductionpersonal_financeRonald_Reagantaxes

How much money are parks losing during shutdown? Ask USA TODAY

National parks are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars daily during the government shutdown. But the surrounding industries are losing ...

Who regulates the regulators? Ask USA TODAY

The government puts more and more regulations in place each year, but is there oversight for those regulations

When will time travel be possible? Ask USA TODAY

Will time travel ever be possible According to science reporter Dan Vergano, not likely. Although several physicists have theories. See ...

Why should U.S. take the lead in Syria? Ask USA TODAY

Several readers have been asking questions about Syria include why should the U.S. get involved why don't countries in Europe or elsewhere ...

Why did Detroit declare bankruptcy? Ask USA TODAY

Didn't President Obama say that he saved Detroit If that's the case, then why did the city declare bankruptcy The answer is a bit complex, ...