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How Do I Tell My Brand Story? (Ask Rod, Episode 40)

HP Small Biz editor Rod Kurtz takes reader questions, advising on how to tell a brand story, and how to protect your ideas. tags: Ask_Rodbrandbrand_storyBusiness_Business_Tipsbusiness_tipsprotect_ideasRod_Kurtz

How Do I Get Free Publicity? (Ask Rod, Episode 17)

Executive Editor Rod Kurtz reveals how to get your marketing message out and where to find a mentor. Plus, a surprise visitor stops by the ... tags: Ask_RodBusiness_Marketingfree_publicityMarketingmentoringpublicitypublic_relations

How Can I Close More Sales? (Ask Rod, Episode 20)

Executive Editor Rod Kurtz is back in Times Square to field questions about closing deals and generating buzz online. Can he help a couple ... tags: Ask_RodBusiness_Marketinggenerating_buzzgrassroots_marketingonline_buzzRod_Kurtzsales_techniques

How Can I Generate More Business With My Website? (Ask Rod, Episode 23)

Executive Editor Rod Kurtz offers tips on sprucing up your website and writing an effective business plan. Plus, meet Rod's newest sidekick tags: Ask_Rodbuilding_a_websitebusinessBusiness_Marketingbusiness_plansbusiness_plan_tipsmarketing_tips

What Do You Love (and Hate) About Your Job? (Ask Rod, Episode 21)

Executive Editor Rod Kurtz hits the streets of New York to ask people about life in the workplace, in this special edition of 'Rod Asks.' tags: Ask_Rodbest_bossesbest_jobsBusiness_Marketinggetting_a_jobhuman_resourcesjobs

What's Your Best Advice For Startups? (Ask Rod, Episode 24)

Executive Editor Rod Kurtz discusses the dos and don'ts of starting a business and how to boost your Google search ranking. Plus, Barry's ... tags: AdWordsAsk_RodboostBusinessBusiness_Marketingbusiness_mistakesGoogle

Where Can I Find Good Part-Time Employees? (Ask Rod, Episode 25)

Executive Editor Rod Kurtz explains where to find quality talent and why you may not need a patent for your invention. Plus, Lauren does ... tags: applyingAsk_RodBusiness_Marketingemployeefirstforget

How Do I Manage Growth? (Ask Rod, Episode 18)

Executive Editor Rod Kurtz warns against growing your business too quickly, offers advice on hiring a manager and tries to give his mom a ... tags: amsterdamAsk_RodbikeBusiness_Marketinggrowing_a_businessgrowth_tipshiring_a_manager

How Do We Maintain Our Company Culture? (Ask Rod, Episode 27)

Executive Editor Rod Kurtz offers tips on preserving company culture and converting online shoppers into online buyers. tags: Ask_Rodbest_company_cultureBusiness_Marketingcompany_culturegrowing_a_businessmanaging_employeesonline_business

Where Can We Find Tech-Savvy Talent? (Ask Rod, Episode 29)

Executive Editor Rod Kurtz explains how to hire tech geeks, why more investors are looking overseas and what you can do to stay on Aaron ... tags: angel_investingAsk_RodBusiness_Marketingbusiness_travelforeign_investmentglobal_businesshiring_employees

Should I Pursue An Advanced Degree? (Ask Rod, Episode 28)

Executive Editor Rod Kurtz advises students at the University of Pennsylvania about graduate school, angel investors and venture capital. ... tags: angel_investmentangel_investorsAsk_RodBusiness_MarketingInvestment_tipsMedical_Schoolraising_capital