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Chinese Husbands Check into “Cloakroom” While Wives Shop

In shopping malls all across China, Husband Cloakrooms are popping up to give men a place to rest while their wives shop to their hearts ... tags: Asia_Newschina_cloakrooms_mallchina_daycare_husbandchina_hubby_cloakroomchina_hubby_daycarechina_malls_husbandGeoBeats

Bengal Tigers Being Poached for Chinese Consumers

The good news is that Bengal tiger populations are reportedly on the rise, but the bad news is that there has also been more poaching of ... tags: Asia_Newsbengal_tigers_china_threatbengal_tigers_medicinechinese_demand_tigersdemand_bengal_tigersGeoBeatshealth_nuts_tigers

China's Extraordinary Harbin Ice Festival Opens

Freezing temperatures arent all bad. Without them, the Chinese city of Harbin couldnt throw their spectacular ice and snow festival. ... tags: Asia_NewsGeoBeatsharbin_chinaharbin_festivalharbin_festival_anniversaryharbin_festivitiesharbin_ice_festival

Siam Paragon Mall Is 2013's Most Instagrammed Place

Bangkok is now home to the most Instagrammed place in the entire world. You may be surprised to learn which shopping place among the most ... tags: Asia_NewsGeoBeatsinstagrammed_bangkokinstagrammed_mallinstagrammed_siam_mallmost_instagrammedNews

The Record Decline of the Japanese Population

Estimates from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication in Japan say that the country has experienced a record drop in population ... tags: Asia_Newsbabies_born_japanGeoBeatsjapan_2013_populationjapan_population_decreasejapan_residents_decreasejapan_trend_population

Passenger's Passport Held in UAE Over His Moustache

An investigation has been launched, following an incident at Sharjah airport involving a dispute between a passenger and a working ... tags: airport_official_moustacheair_moustache_harassmentAsia_NewsGeoBeatskumar_moustachemoustache_argumentmoustache_shave_passenger

Underground Tunnel to Hong Kong Discovered

Chinese authorities recently stumbled across an underground tunnel that terminates in Hong Kong. They suspect it was put there by ... tags: Asia_Newschinese_authoritieselectronics_cell_phoneGeoBeatsNewsshenzhen_hong_kong_tunnelshenzhen_underground_tunnel

How Hindu Widows Celebrated Christmas

Although the Vrindavan widows have dedicated their lives to worshipping the Lord Krishna of Hindu religion, they were seen singing ... tags: Asia_Newschristmas_eventsGeoBeatsNewssanta_cheer_hindu_widowsvrindavan_christmas_widowsvrindavan_dancing_christmas

Meet the World's Most Famous Hedgehog

Darcy is a tiny hedgehog shouldering a huge responsibility. Its her owners wish that she become the most famous hedgehog in the world. ... tags: Asia_Newscutest_hedgehog_everdarcy_hedgehogdarcy_hedgehog_cutestdarcy_hedgehog_instagramGeoBeatsmost_adorable_hedgehog

New Volcanic Island Off the Coast of Japan

Satellite images taken by NASAs Earth Observing 1 satellite show the island of Niijima, which ascended from the Pacific Ocean near Japan ... tags: Asia_NewsGeoBeatsisland_formed_south_tokyoisland_japan_volcanic_eruptionNewsniijima_islandniijima_japan

People Live Streaming Eating Is a ‘Thing' in South Korea

In South Korea, broadcasting ones mealtimes is now a popular activity. In South Korea, broadcasting ones mealtimes is now a popular ... tags: Asia_Newsbroadcasting_consuming_foodeating_broadcasteating_broadcast_south_koreaeating_south_koreaGeoBeatsmok_bang_broadcast

Indonesian Copywriter Dies after 30-Hour Work Marathon

After working for 30 straight hours, 24-year-old copywriter Mita Duran slipped into a coma and died shortly after. After working for 30 ... tags: Asia_Newscopywriter_fatal_workcopywriter_worked_to_deathGeoBeatsmita_duranmita_duran_copywritermita_duran_thai_red_bull