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Asia-pacific Videos - 3 by Popular

China marks Mao's 120th birthday anniversary

China has been celebrating the 120th anniversary of the birth of Mao Zedong. tags: Asia-PacificChinaCommunismMao

India cancels ID cards of US consular staff

India downgrades immunity of US diplomats. This is in response to an arrest of an Indian diplomat in New York. US officials and their ... tags: Asia-PacificDiplomatImmunityIndia

IN THE WORLD PAPERS - 'Abe's shrine visit stokes already tense regional relations'

International papers largely focus on Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abes surprise visit to a controversial shrine in Tokyo.Get the France ... tags: affairsAsia-pacificbreakingChinacurrentfrance24headlines

India's homeless battlling harsh winter

As the cold wave intensifies in north India, thousands of homeless people have been braving the harsh winter on the streets of Delhi. Lack ... tags: Asia-PacificHomelessIndia

Turkey seeks to revive failed talks with Afghan Taliban

More investment and more trade is what Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Ordogan is publicly pursuing in relations with Pakistan. But behind ... tags: Asia-PacificPakistanTaliban

Top indian, pakistanini military officials meet over Kashmir

These are the rare scenes-Pakistani and Indian military officials smiling and shaking hands with each other.The director general military ... tags: Asia-PacificIndiaPakistan

India, US trying to resolve diplomatic crisis

India and United States are trying to contain their diplomatic row. Indian foreign minister Salman Khurshid says a dialogue with Washington ... tags: Asia-PacificCrisisDomesticIndiaResolve

US Afghan war dragging on amid growing unpopularity

The US-led war in Afghanistan does not seem to be ending anytime soon. The conflict there has now entered its thirteenth year, drawing fire ... tags: AfghanistanAsia-Pacific

Pakistan to introduce anti-drone resolution in UN rights council

Opposition is growing with every passing day not only in Pakistan but also the world over against the US assassination drone strikes. tags: Asia-PacificDronePakistanResolution

Peshawar court summons foreign secretary over US drone attacks

Peshawar High Court has expressed its ire over the federal government for failing to implement its orders to monitor courts recommendations ... tags: Asia-PacificCourtDronePakistan

Iran FM: Muslim D-8 states can bolster economic ties

The D-8 organization has concluded talks on how to enhance their trade volume and expand economic cooperation. tags: Asia-PacificEconomyPakistan

China, US holding trade talks

In Beijing, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met with US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker and Trade Representative Michael Froman for this ... tags: Asia-PacificChinaCommerceEconomyTrade