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Asa Aquino Videos by Popular

What Do You Want?

Blue Crush 2002 - What Do You Want - Anne Marie Kate Bosworth has a heart to heart with Matt Matthew Davis who tells her to stop whining ... tags: Anne_Marie_ChadwickAsaAsa_AquinoChris_TaloaDrewEdenFaizon_Love

Anne Marie's Second Run

Blue Crush 2002 - Anne Marie's Run - Anne Marie Kate Bosworth takes another run and gets slammed again, hitting her shoulder on the reef. tags: Anne_Marie_ChadwickAsaAsa_AquinoChris_TaloaDrewEdenFaizon_Love

Eden Breaks It Down

Blue Crush 2002 - Eden Breaks It Down - Anne Marie Kate Bosworth gets dressed for the Luau while Eden Michelle Rodriguez warns her not to ... tags: Anne_Marie_ChadwickAsaAsa_AquinoChris_TaloaDrewEdenFaizon_Love

Slammed by the Pipe

Blue Crush 2002 - Slammed by the Pipe - While surfing Pipeline, Anne Marie Kate Bosworth is overcome with fear and gets slammed by the wave. tags: Anne_Marie_ChadwickAsaAsa_AquinoChris_TaloaDrewEdenFaizon_Love

Blue Crush - Trailer #1

Blue Crush 2002 - Trailer 1 - Directed by John Stockwell and starring Matthew Davis, Chris Taloa, Kala Alexander, Ruben Tejada, Kaupena ... tags: Anne_Marie_ChadwickAsaAsa_AquinoChris_TaloaDrewEdenFaizon_Love

First Pipeline Run

Blue Crush 2002 - First Pipeline Run - Anne Marie Kate Bosworth catches a beautiful wave, scoring her into the next round, but she gets ... tags: Anne_Marie_ChadwickAsaAsa_AquinoChris_TaloaDrewEdenFaizon_Love

Broken Board

Blue Crush 2002 - Broken Board - When another surfer drops in on her wave, Anne Marie Kate Bosworth is forced to bail and breaks her ... tags: Anne_Marie_ChadwickAsaAsa_AquinoChris_TaloaDrewEdenFaizon_Love

Pipe Masters Begins

Blue Crush 2002 - Pipe Masters Begins - During her first heat at the Pipe Masters Competition, Anne Marie Kate Bosworth sees her competitor ... tags: Anne_Marie_ChadwickAsaAsa_AquinoChris_TaloaDrewEdenFaizon_Love

The Wives Talk Trash

Blue Crush 2002 - The Wives Talk Trash - Anne Marie Kate Bosworth gets hit with a cold dose of reality when she hears the NFL wives talking ... tags: Anne_Marie_ChadwickAsaAsa_AquinoChris_TaloaDrewEdenFaizon_Love