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Around the Net: Nov 29, 2011

Escalator Fail, Skyrim Serial Killer, Double Corvette Wreck, Pedobear News Report, Deer Tries To Mate With Girl tags: Around_the_NetAttack_of_the_ShowCandace_BaileyGamingInternets_CultureKevin_PereiraViral_Videos

Around the Net: Nov 17, 2011

Reporter Signs Off, Windows Phone Fangirls Rap, A Tribute To My Brother, Lonely Deranged Penguin, How To Break A Table With Your Head tags: Around_the_NetAttack_of_the_ShowCandace_BaileyGamingKevin_PereiraViral_Videos

Around the Net 11.14.11

Happy Birthday Fail, 2016 Ghana Movie Trailer, Father Watches Son Speed Into Table, Harmonic Kiss, Why you Yield to a Police Car tags: Around_the_NetAttack_of_the_ShowCandace_BaileyGamingInternets_CultureKevin_PereiraViral_Videos

Around the Net: Nov 09, 2011

Jurassic Park Cosply, Al Pacino's Hotdog, Creepy Donkey Mask, Silence of the Lambs With Laugh Track, Dog Shows Off Everything tags: Around_the_NetAttack_of_the_ShowBlair_HerterCandace_BaileyGamingInternets_CultureMovies

Around the Net: Nov 8, 2011

Elegant Dive Off Pool Chair, WolfGoreShow Paula Dean On The Talk, Students Toilet Paper Basketball Court, Guy Breaks Up Fight From His ... tags: Around_the_NetAttack_of_the_ShowCandace_BaileyGamingInternets_CultureKevin_PereiraViral_Videos

Around the Net: Nov 7, 2011

Phoenix Police Tackle Candy Thief, The Walkie Talkie Dead, Kitty City, Jeopardy What Is A Threesome, Scumbag Bison tags: Alison_HaislipAround_the_NetAttack_of_the_ShowCultureGamingInternets_CultureKevin_Pereira

Around the Net: Nov 3, 2011

Wooden Spool Hits Cameraman, Dancing on Another Dude's Back, The Chicken Fiddler, Two-Legged Dog, Hulk vs. Ewok tags: Around_the_NetAttack_of_the_ShowGamingInternets_CultureJessica_ChobotKevin_PereiraViral_Videos

Around the Net: Nov 2, 2011

Driver Leaves Car In Neutral, Wolfgoreshow The Bullet Express, Acrobat Knocks Himself Out, Panda Bad Wake-up, Battle Dance Off tags: Around_the_NetAttack_of_the_ShowFelicia_DayGamingInternets_CultureKevin_PereiraViral_Videos

Around the Net: Nov 1, 2011

Front Flip Over Moving Car Gone Wrong, Bollywood Action Scene, Mrs. Dewey, Banana MotherFr tags: Around_the_NetAttack_of_the_ShowGamingInternets_CultureJanina_GavankarKevin_PereiraViral_Videos

A Very Halloween Around the Net

Happy Halloween Kevin Pereira and Sara Underwood run down their favorite spooky viral videos in this Halloween edition of Around The Net. tags: Around_the_NetAttack_of_the_ShowGamingHalloweenInternets_CultureKevin_PereiraSara_Jean_Underwood

Around the Net: Oct 27, 2011

Crazy Biker Failed Stunt, Sthead Dating Video, Clapping Robot, Don't Mess With The Crab, Johnny Depp Takes Down Ricky Gervais tags: Around_the_NetAttack_of_the_ShowGamingInternets_CultureKevin_PereiraSara_Jean_UnderwoodViral_Videos

Around the Net: Oct 26, 2011

Kid Launched Into Ceiling Fan, Chuck Testa MC Hammer Remix, Big Bad Wolf, FPS Russia Dragon 50 Cal, Table Jump Fail tags: Around_the_NetAttack_of_the_ShowGamingGrace_HelbigInternets_CultureKevin_PereiraViral_Videos