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Iran Ready To Play Constructive Role In Geneva Talks

Iran has expressed its readiness to play a 'constructive' role in upcoming Geneva II conference on Syria if it is invited. 'We have ... tags: Arab_LeagueEmma_BoninoForeign_Minister_BoninoForeign_Minister_Mohammad-Javad_ZarifIslamic_Republic_of_IranMohammad-Javad_Zarif_SundayMohammad_Javad_Zarif

Seeking Syria solution

The US and Russia have come to the conclusion that there is no military solution to Syrias crisis and all efforts must be focused on a ...

Kerry Visits Egypt, Hails Signs Of Democracy After Military Ouster

Secretary of State John Kerry said Sunday there were signs Egypt's military-backed rulers would embrace democracy as he visited the country ...

Tunisa's Ruling Islamists To Step Down After Talks

Tunisia's opposition coalition agreed to start direct talks with ruling Islamists on a transition plan under which the government would ...

Flash Points: Is Arab League lifeline for Assad in Syria?

In the latest edition of 'Flash Points,' CBS News national security correspondent Bob Orr and analyst Juan Zarate discuss the Arab League's ...

Arab League under fire for its proposal to establish rights court in Bahrain

The Bahrain Forum for Human Rights in the Lebanese capital Beirut has criticized the Arab Leagues decision to set up a pan-Arab human ...

Arab league split over Syria crisis

Arab Foreign Ministers have held a closed door meeting to discuss the possible U-S-led attack on Syria. The meeting which was originally ...

Mosaic News - 02/24/12: World News From The Middle East

Tunisian president opposes Saudi 'excellent idea' to arm Syrian rebels, worshippers prevent Israeli settlers from breaking into al-Aqsa ... tags: Afghanistanal-AqsaArab_LeagueBahrainEastfromHana_al-Shalabi

Issues Under Fire: Can Russians Talk Bashar al-Assad off the Ledge

The Russians will have to take the lead in talking to Assad since the Americans have little standing with the Syrians. Because of America's ... tags: arab_leagueBashar_al-Assadcrimes_against_humanityforeign_policyHomshuman_rights_violationsNews_Politics

Issues Under Fire: Assad, You've Made the Shitler's List

Once on this list, you're F-d and there is no way off. There is no apeal. There is no UN Security Council Votes or Vetos. You're done and ... tags: arab_leaguearab_springassadhitlerhomsNews_Politicspeace_keeping

Newsy Now: February 24 (1330 GMT)

USPS to cut 35,000 jobs Rudd to challenge Gillard for Australian PM spot UN appoints Annan as Syria envoy wandering planets outnumber stars. tags: arab_leagueAustraliaHealthJulia_Gillardkevin_ruddplanetsplanets_outnumber_stars