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Doomsday loophole?

A new billion of us won't be around this weekend, that is, if you believe that Friday is doomsday. But, as Holly Williams found it, there ...

Is the end really near?

According to the Mayans, December 21, 2012 will mark the end of the world. Bill Geist meets some people who aren't taking chances.

Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Worried about the zombie apocalypse, earthquakes or government take-over No problem, these guys have everything you need to survive ... tags: apocolypseLasstoreVegasWeaponszombie

I Am Alive | Comeback Trailer [North America]

Are you ready to sacrifice others in order to survive Visit Us at Like Us at tags: apocolypse destroyed i am alive game iamalive im alive ubisoft video game

(Sub) We Will Not Be Held Responsible

Koshi Rikdo tells the Excel Saga production team to wrap it up With the series coming to an end, Watanabe finally makes his move on Hyatt, ... tags: absurdACROSSanimationanimeapocolypsecomedycrackfest

(Sub) Going Too Far

Prepare to witness the most over-the-top insanity ever. This very special episode of Excel Saga doesn't cross the line of decency. No, this ... tags: absurdACROSSanimationanimeapocolypsecomedycrackfest

Babylon A.D.

A mercenary is hired to transport a package from Europe to the US. tags: actionadventureapocolypseComedydieselmercenarymichelle

(Sub) Legend of the End of the Century Conqueror

A great city is now a wasteland, and the remnants of humanity struggle to survive a rising tide of violence and anarchy. Within the rubble ... tags: absurdACROSSanimationanimeapocolypsecomedycrackfest

(Sub) For You, I Could Die

Stricken with a case of amnesia in the aftermath of her devastating encounter with Il Palazzo, Excel must fight to remember her forgotten ... tags: absurdACROSSanimationanimeapocolypsecomedycrackfest

(Sub) Visually Appealing Type

The big-wigs at ACROSS send a rock n' roller named Key to give a message to Il Palazzo. Key wants to deliver the information in a song, but ... tags: absurdACROSSanimationanimeapocolypsecomedycrackfest

(Sub) Invasion, Mother

After so many missteps, it appears Il Palazzo might finally succeed in conquering the city There's only one final obstacle a war between ... tags: absurdACROSSanimationanimeapocolypsecomedycrackfest