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Portal Walkthrough: Beyond the Testchambers, Part 2

The part of Chell's exploring, in which she is very lucky not to be killed Bloomin' androids... Enjoy tags: ApertureAperture ScienceBeyond The TestchamberChellcommentaryfungame

Portal Walkthrough: Chapters 7 & 8

Chapters 7 8 of my Portal walkthrough, which include testchambers 15 and 16, the latter of which sees Chell attempting a live firing range ... tags: androidAperture ScienceChellcommentaryfungamegameplay

Portal Walkthrough: Chapter 9

The chapter where we make a friend, the Companion Cube. Prepare for a story of love, loss, and more of those weird orb things. Enjoy tags: ApertureAperture SciencechallengeChapter 9ChellChell (Portal)commentary

Portal Walkthrough: Chapters 10 & 11- The end??

The final two testchambers but believe me, the fun is only just beginning Enjoy tags: androidAperture SciencecakeChapter 10Chapter 11Chellcommentary

Portal Walkthrough: Chapter 1

The first part of my first 'modern' walkthrough, Portal Walls will never be the same again... This part tackles Chapter 1, which includes ... tags: Aperture ScienceChellcommentarygamegladosplaystationPortal (video Game)

Portal Walkthrough: Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of my Portal walkthrough, which contains testchambers 4 through to and including 7. Hope you enjoy it tags: Aperture ScienceChapter 2commentarygameGame (retailer)gamingglados

Portal Walkthrough: Chapter 3

The third chapter of Portal, which is a very short one indeed This only has two testchambers, 8 9, but worthy testchambers nonetheless And ... tags: Aperture ScienceChellcommentaryfungamegladosplay

Portal Walkthrough: Chapter 4

In this chapter, Chell gets the well-deserved part of the Portal Gun Now the fun really begins. This chapter includes testchambers 10, 11 ... tags: Aperture ScienceChellChell (Portal)commentaryfungamegameplay

Versus - VOTE: Skyrim -- Skyrim vs. The Old Republic

12/26/11 to watch Versus - Portal Wheatley vs. GLaDOS Versus - VOTE Skyrim -- Skyrim vs. The Old Republic S03E42 This week on ... tags: AIantagonistAperture ScienceArtificial IntelligenceBethesda SoftworksbiowareBounty Hunter