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Paul Jorion - Le temps qu'il fait le 10 janvier 2014

01/10/14 Les diffrences entre les peuples cultures, religions, apparence physique, etc. tags: ApartheidRacismerelativisme

UK church raises wall to remember plight of Palestine

A major church in central London is using the Christmas period to bring attention to the plight of the people living in Jesus' home of ... tags: ApartheidChurchPalestineSegregation

World leaders celebrate Mandela's legacy

Global leaders speak at a memorial Tuesday honoring former South African president Nelson Mandela. tags: activismAfrican_National_Congressafrican_traditionapartheidburial_traditionsbuzzcivil_rights

Mandela's memorial: An event to remember

The Washington Postaposs Sudarsan Raghavan shares scenes from the memorial for former South African president Nelson Mandela in the late ... tags: activismAfrican_National_Congressafrican_traditionapartheidburial_traditionsbuzzcivil_rights

Obama greets world leaders

At a memorial for former South African president Nelson Mandela, President Obama greeted world leaders, including Cuban President Raul ... tags: activismAfrican_National_Congressafrican_traditionapartheidburial_traditionsbuzzcivil_rights

How Obama lives Mandela's message

President Obamaaposs first political cause was the fight against apartheid as a student at Occidental College. Hear how Mandelaaposs life ... tags: africaapartheidbarack_obamamandelamendibanelson_mandelaobama

Obama: 'We can learn from' Mandela after death

At a soccer stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa, President Obama memorialized former South African president, Nobel Peace Prize laureate ... tags: activismAfrican_National_Congressafrican_traditionapartheidburial_traditionsbuzzcivil_rights

Final Goodbye to Nelson Mandela in hi home village!

Several thousand guests gathered in a huge tent in Qunu, South Africa to bid their farewells to the anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela in ... tags: ApartheidburialFinal_Goodbyegoodbye_to_mandelaguestshome_villageNelson_Mandela

Dernier hommage à Mandela pendant son enterrement.

Voici le dernier hommage rendu Nelson Mandela pendant son enterrement. Emouvant tags: ApartheiddernierEnterrementhommagehubumandelaNelson_Mandela

Mandela: World's biggest statue unveiled

The world's biggest statue of former South African president Nelson Mandela has been unveiled in Pretoria. Report by Collinsona. Like us on ... tags: apartheiditnitnnewsjacob_zumamadibamandelamandela_nelson

L'ENTRETIEN - Mamadou Diouf, Directeur de l'Institut d'Études africaines

Le monde entier a rendu hommage Nelson Mandela et son combat contre l'apartheid. Plus de vingt ans aprs la fin de ce rgime honni en ... tags: actuactualitéAfrique_du_SudANCApartheidentretienfrance24

THE INTERVIEW - Mamadou Diouf, Director of Columbia University's Institute for African Studies

Millions of South Africans have paid their final respects to the man who unified their nation. But today, more than 20 years after the end ... tags: affairsapartheidculturecurrentdiplomacyeconomicsexclusive