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Bangkok shutdown as anti-government protest takes hold

As anti-government protesters bring the Thai capital Bangkok to a standstill on a day of mass action. Prime Minister Yingluk Shinawatra has ... tags: anti-governmentBangkokholdprotestshutdowntakesThailand

Protesters amass in Thai capital

Protesters in the Thai capital Bangkok have swelled to the tens of thousands for a massive anti-government demonstration. Members and ... tags: amassandanti-governmentgathergovernmentJulieNoce

Anti-government protesters try to shut down Bangkok

Thailands capital Bangkok braced itself for a complete shutdown as protesters on Monday morning began blockading major roads aiming to ... tags: Anti-governmentBangkokBlockadedownProtestprotestersshut

Anti-government demonstrations continue

Another round of demonstrations from anti-government protesters in Thailand ahead of a planned massive rally to unseat the government next ... tags: Anti-governmentCutdemonstrationdemonstrationsevenforgovernment

Protests against Bangladesh election turn violent

ROUGH CUT NO REPORTER NARRATION STORY Violent clashes erupted in Bangladesh Sunday as opposition supporters took to the streets to protest ... tags: andanti-governmentBangladeshcapitalClashesCutDhaka

Ukraine anti-government protesters take the wheel

Ukrainian anti-government demonstrators have been getting into the driving seat as protest leaders introduce new types of activism after ... tags: anti-governmentCarsprotestersProtests_in_UkrainetaketheUkraine

Thai protesters continue stadium blockade hoping to delay February election

ROUGH CUT NO REPORTER NARRATION. STORY Several hundred anti-government protesters continued to camp outside a Bangkok stadium on Tuesday ... tags: Anti-governmentBangkokCutdelayelectionhopingoutside

Thai protesters block election stadium

Thousands of anti-government protesters surround a stadium in Thailand, where candidates are due to register to stand in February's ... tags: Anti-governmentBangkokcandidatesdueelectionFebruarysfor

John McCain in Ukraine to meet with protesters

In the Ukrainian capitol Kiev, protesters prepare for what they say will be a mass anti-government rally on Sunday. Demonstrations that ... tags: anti-governmentJohnmeetspolicyprepareRabieerally

Protesters clash with police

Police forces in the Ukrainian capital Kiev clashed with demonstrators early Wednesday as they tried to remove anti-government protesters ... tags: anti-governmentclashcloserJulieNocePolicePresident

Ukraine's anti-government protesters prepare for a week of confrontation

Pro-Europe protesters have set up barricades to prevent access to government buildings in Kyiv. They intend to disrupt the running of the ... tags: anti-governmentconfrontationforKievprepareprotestersProtests_in_Ukraine

RIOTS in Thaiand : Police, Activists Clash Amid Thai Protests

Aerial video, filmed using a camera mounted on a drone, shows clashes between police and anti-government protesters outside the Prime ... tags: activistaerial_videoanti-governmentclashdronefightpolice