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Anjelica Huston 'Shares A Lot' in New Memoir

Anjelica Huston tells all in part one of her memoir, A Story Lately Told, and ET caught up with the iconic actress at her book luncheon at ... tags: anjelica_hustonA_Story_Lately_ToldET_Online

Toronto International Film Festival - Joseph Gordon Levitt on "50/50"

Each year, actors and auteurs head north for the Toronto International Film Festival. Vanity Fair Senior West Coast editor Krista Smith sat ...

Daddy Day Care - Trailer #1

Daddy Day Care 2003 - Trailer 1 - Recently-unemployed Charlie Eddie Murphy opens a day-care center with his equally inept friend Phil Jeff ... tags: Anjelica_HustonArthur_YoungBen_HintonBruceCharlie_HintonCrispinCrispin's_Mom

Clown Car

When in Rome 2010 - Clown Car - Antonio Will Arnett offers to drive the group in his 8220mid-size8221 Italian car. tags: Alexis_DzienaAl_RussoAnjelica_HustonAntonio_DonatellaBobby_MoynihanBrady_SacksCeleste

I'm a Model

When in Rome 2010 - I'm a Model - Beth Kristen Bell is approached by Gale Dax Shepard, a narcissistic male model. tags: Alexis_DzienaAl_RussoAnjelica_HustonAntonio_DonatellaBobby_MoynihanBrady_SacksCeleste

Saving Coins From the Fountain

When in Rome 2010 - Saving Coins From the Fountain - Beth Kristen Bell saves coins from being wasted on wishes of love in a fountain. tags: Alexis_DzienaAl_RussoAnjelica_HustonAntonio_DonatellaBobby_MoynihanBrady_SacksCeleste

Hurts So Bad, Tastes So Good

When in Rome 2010 - Hurts So Bad, Tastes So Good - Beth Kristen Bell sprays Nick Josh Duhamel with breath spray instead of mace when she ... tags: Alexis_DzienaAl_RussoAnjelica_HustonAntonio_DonatellaBobby_MoynihanBrady_SacksCeleste

I Don't Speak Italian

When in Rome 2010 - I Don't Speak Italian - Nick Josh Duhamel steps in to help Beth Kristen Bell finish giving the toast. tags: Alexis_DzienaAl_RussoAnjelica_HustonAntonio_DonatellaBobby_MoynihanBrady_SacksCeleste

Photo Booth

Buffalo '66 1998 - Photo Booth - Layla Christina Ricci and Billy Brown Vincent Gallo take pictures in a photo booth for his parents. tags: Alex_KarrasAnjelica_HustonBen_GazzaraBilly_BrownChristina_RicciJan-Michael_VincentJan_Brown

How We Met

Buffalo '66 1998 - How We Met - Layla Christina Ricci tells a made-up story of how she first met Billy Brown Vincent Gallo, all the while ... tags: Alex_KarrasAnjelica_HustonBen_GazzaraBilly_BrownChristina_RicciJan-Michael_VincentJan_Brown

I've Been Backed Up

Buffalo '66 1998 - I've Been Backed Up - Billy Brown Vincent Gallo finally gets a chance to urinate. tags: Alex_KarrasAnjelica_HustonBen_GazzaraBilly_BrownChristina_RicciJan-Michael_VincentJan_Brown

Heart Cookie

Buffalo '66 1998 - Heart Cookie - Billy Brown Vincent Gallo buys a hot chocolate and a heart cookie for Layla. tags: Alex_KarrasAnjelica_HustonBen_GazzaraBilly_BrownChristina_RicciJan-Michael_VincentJan_Brown