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Ancient Egypt Videos - 3 by Popular

Pharaohs Had Heart Disease

A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association finds that multiple ancient Egyptian mummies show signs of atherosclerosis. ... tags: ancient_EgyptAtherosclerosisheart_diseaseScience_MedicineTechnology

Tutankhamun's Golden Death Mask (Shot in King Tut Virtual)

of the most famous artefacts ever discovered in the history of Archaeology is without question The Golden Mask of King Tutankhamun. See it ... tags: ancient_egyptartefactavatardeath_maskEgyptexhibitionexplore

On This Date

walt whitman born, prince rainier born, clint eastwood born, franz haydn died, US copyright laws were enacted, big bend started ticking, ... tags: ancient_egyptauthorborn_todaycomposerdatediedevents

Giza Power Plant with Chris Dunn (The Explore Your Spirit with Kala Show)

Kala speaks with Christopher Dunn about his book, The Giza Power Plant, Technologies of Ancient Egypt. Dunn, a master engineer shows how ... tags: ancient_egyptancient_mysteriesancient_technologieschris_dunnegyptexploregiza

Ancient Egypt and the Hebrew Israelites

Slave descendants are HEBREW ISRAYLITES NOT Egyptians and claiming Egyptian heritage will not save us.I had it posted once before, but ... tags: aboutAbrahamAfricanAfricansAncientAncient-EgyptAncient-Egyptian

Anubis Oracle Cards with Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf (The Explore Your Spirit with Kala Show)

Kala speaks with Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf, about their newest creation, the Anubis Oracle Cards. The Anubis Oracle is a companion ... tags: ancient_egyptegyptesotericexplore_your_spirithathorhealingisis

Darwinist Impasse - How Were the Pyramids Built 5000 Years Ago?

Ever since the first human was created by Allah, Man has enjoyed the same human characteristics such as intelligence, conception of beauty, ... tags: Adnan_OktarAllahAncient_egyptApemanArchaeologyCharles_DarwinCreation

Current Affairs: How Electric Fish Communicate to Mates

In 1988, researchers at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography study how species of electric fish send and receive electrical pulses and ... tags: Amazon_BasinAncient_EgyptAncient_EgyptiansBiologyBlack_WaterBrain_FunctionBrown_Ghost

Ancient Egyptian Electricity?

Amazing hieroglyphics in an Egyptian temple seem to depict ancient light bulbs. Could this be proof that the Ark of the Covenant produced ... tags: ancient-archaeologyancient-egyptancient_archaeologyancient_egyptarkbible-archaeologybible-proof