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The iPhone's awful ancestor - Worst Gadgets Ever 004

The iPhone's awful ancestor - Worst Gadgets Ever 004

Early Human Ancestors Changed Diet 3.5 Million Years Ago

According to the conclusions from 4 new related studies that looked at the diet of ancient hominid species, the diet of certain ... tags: 35ancestorancestorschangeddietearly

Scientist Generate 'Hypothetical' Ancestor To Mammals

Evolutionary biologist around the world used fossil information to piece together the Hypothetical Placental Mammal Ancestor. tags: ancestoranimalsevolutionhypotheticalmammalmammalsmorpho

Prehistoric Rat Determined to Be Mother of All Mammals

According to a new study, all mammals on earth descended from a single, prehistoric rat. tags: allancestorbrookdonnaeevolutionmammalsprotungulatum

Historical trades & occupations

There were many necessary and unique trades to help families survive on the frontier. These special skills all had an important purpose in ... tags: ancestoreducationalfamilyfolkloregenealogyhistoryliving

Natures Resources for Survival

For the land of the free and the home of the brave. The pioneers used all of natures resources for survival. Food that was not grown on the ... tags: AncestorEducationalFamilyGenealogyHistoryLivinglynnbesch

Forgotten Historical Activities

Take a step back in time. How people spent their daily lives 150 years ago was very different from our current reality. Their ordinary ... tags: AncestorEducationalFamilyGenealogyHistoryLivinglynnbesch

John Woo Presents 7 Brothers: Episode 7 - Your Ancestor Killed Ninja For Me

01/02/12 to watch John Woo Presents 7 Brothers Episode 1 - That's What's Going to Save the World John Woo Presents 7 Brothers ... tags: 7 Bros7 BrothersactionAncestoranimated comicChinaComic Books

The Mystery of Paleontology's "Hobbit"

Complete video at Ian Tattersall, paleoanthropologist and curator at the American Museum of Natural History, describes the ... tags: academyancestoranthropologybonescaliforniaevolutionflorensiencsis