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Amd Videos - 4 by Popular

Sell Micron!: Against the Grain

Sell Micron Against the GrainPowered by Producer The Street tags: ambamdfuchshardwareintcinvestingmarek

CES 2011 - Fusion power now in AMD chips

At CES 2011 Sean Carruthers gets to talk to John Taylor from AMD, about the new Fusion technology. Fusion represents a breakthrough for AMD ... tags: AMDbutterscotchbutterscotch.tvcesFusionhowhowto

Medvedev inspects missile base on first presidential trip

Russian President Dmitry Medvede has visited the Ivanovo region to examine the base of a regiment equipped with the Topol-M mobile missile ... tags: AMDKostromaMedvedevRussiaTopol-M

Czechs say no to radar

Demonstrators against the deployment of an American radar station have clogged the centre of Prague. It comes as President Obama arrives in ... tags: amdczechmissileobamapragueprotestsradar

US could just want Russia to become unfriendly towards Iran

Its possible that Russia will receive some official offer from the US, but another scenario is that it was done to sort of provoke Russia ... tags: amdiranusa

AMD: Solutions are possible

Putting ballistic missile interceptors on sea-based destroyers or moving the ground-based interceptors to more southern locations would not ... tags: AMDKimballRussiaUSA

American AMD plans still undecided

What happens to the US plans to deploy an anti-ballistic missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic after the MedvedevObama ... tags: amdCzechHenrikmedvedevobamapresidentRepublic

Obama, Putin: from critics to friends?

During his meeting with Russian Prime Minister Putin, President Obama promised to take Russias opinion about the status of the post-Soviet ... tags: AMDGeorgiaObamapost-SovietPutinRussiaspace

"Obama unwilling to look weak"

US President Barack Obamas advisers do not want to him to appear weak in dealing with Russian concerns about an anti-missile defense system ... tags: AMDarmsCirincionenuclearObamaRussiashield

'Moving AMD from Eastern Europe to South logical'

The USA moving its anti-missile defense system to Turkey or Israel might be a solution to the problem, said political analyst from the ... tags: AleksandrAMDPikaevUSA

Russia's new offensive weapons counterbalance US shield?

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says Russia has to keep the balance of power with the U.S by developing offensive weapons. Moscow believes ... tags: AMDdefencedefensemissileMoscowOffensivePutin