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Richard Saunders at TAM 6 on Bringing Critical Thinking to Schools

Australian skeptic, podcaster, author, TV personality, and professional origamist Richard Saunders recorded at The Amazng Meeting 7. ... tags: amazing meetingCritical Thinkingjames randijreflectureSchoolskepticism

Adam Savage at The Amazing Meeting 7

Long-time friend of the JREF Adam Savage has had a very successful career as a special effects and props designer for major motion pictures ... tags: Adam SavageAmazing MeetingJames RandiJREFMythbustersscienceskepticism

Steven Novella, MD at The Amaz!ng Meeting 6

Steven Novella, MD now a Senior Fellow with the JREF talks about neuroscience and the nature of consciousness at The Amazng Meeting 6. tags: amazing meetingconsciousnessjreflectureneurosciencescienceskepticism

Christopher Hitchens at the Amazing Meeting 5

Christopher Hitchens speaks and takes questions from the crowd at the James Randi Educational Foundation's TAM5 in 2007. tags: amazing meetingFoundationhitchensJamesRandiskepticismtam

Our Future In Space panel from TAM Las Vegas 2011

This vigorous discussion on 'Our Future In Space' featuring Phil Plait, Pamela Gay, Lawrence Krauss, Bill Nye, and Neil deGrasse Tyson was ... tags: bill nye Foundation James lawrence krauss neil degrasse tyson pamela gay panel discussion

Sadie Crabtree on Winning Hearts And Minds for Skepticism - at TAM Las Vegas 2011

At TAM Las Vegas 2011, one of the most popular talks was presented by Sadie Crabtree, JREF communications director. We are pleased to ... tags: communications Foundation James messaging Randi sadie crabtree skepticism