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Alien Abduction Videos - 3 by Popular

Paul: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, the creators and stars of the alien comedy 'Paul' talk to HitFix next to a trailer in the desert. tags: Alienaliensalien_abductioncomedydirectorsDrew_McWeenyGreg_Mottola

The Roswell Legacy with Jesse Marcel Jr. (The Explore Your Spirit with Kala Show)

Does extraterrestrial life exist Have alien beings actually visited Earth and, indeed, left clear traces of their visits One man has the ... tags: 1947air_forcealienalien_abductionalien_technologycover_updebris

The Real Truth Behind 'The Fourth Kind'

I am a bubble burster, always have been. My first experience with The Fourth Kind was writing up the trailer for SciFiSquad with the slug ... tags: aboutAlaskaAlienAbductionAliensAlien_AbductionDr.AbigailTylerDr._Abigail_Tyler

Carl and Eric Discuss Alien Abduction

Click to Play Car trip with my brother.Technorati tags aliens, alien abduction, probing, job securityHelp support a video blogger tags: aliensalien_abductioncamerascarljob_securitymassachusettsopinions

New Years Message for 2008

As revealed on December 17, 2007 in Boulder, Colorado 'This New Year will be a great one for humanity - great in the power of change that ... tags: alien_abductionchangeclimate_changeethics_of_contactextra-terrestrialextraterrestrialglobal_warming

JPA Live Radio - Nov 20,2008

-- Barbara Walters attempts to make a victim out of a woman who chose to become a pregnant man -- After bent over to appease ... tags: Alien_AbductionAlien_AbductionsBlogTalkRadioBlog_Talk_RadioChristianityConservativeConservative_Politics

Kit Kat The Cat Meets A UFO

Wed, 13 Feb 2008 164623 -0800Kit Kat the cat is back. This time its late a night but there is a strange light and sounds in the room. What ... tags: abductionalienalien_abductionanimalcatfelineflying

Ep 302V - "The Abduction"

quotThe AbductionquotWritten amp Edited by John T. MickevichDirected by Derek Dale amp John T. MickevichCASTCaroline Gordon-ElliottBrian ... tags: alien_abductionanal_probearea_51artsclose_encounterscomedyfunny