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Dino Morea is Happy to be with Tara Sharma (Aksar)

Rajat Bedi gets suspicious about Dino Morea. Dino Morea is happy with Tara Sharma the love of his life. Dino throws the stress ball out of ... tags: AksarDaayanDinoEkEmraanGoswamiHashmi

Rajat Bedi comes to know the Thruth about Emraan Hashmi's Murdrer (Aksar)

Rajat Kapoor finds out from the camera that Udita Goswami killed Emraan Hashmi brutally. Dino Morea comes and tells her not to worry and ... tags: AksarDaayanDinoEkEmraanHashmiMorea

Udita Goswami is Arrested (Aksar)

Udita Goswami is arrested and she gives him the property papers and tells him that now all property is in his name. tags: AksarDinoDirtyEmraanFullGhanchakkarHashmi

Dino Morea tells Rajat Bedi that he Murdered Emraan Hashmi (Aksar)

Rajat Bedi tells Dino More that Udita Goswami is the murderer and that he has to arrest her. Dio Morea tells him that it was not Udita ... tags: AksarBesharamDaayanDinoDirtyEkMorea

Dino Morea tells Rajat Bedi that Emraan Hashmi was Blackmailing him (Aksar)

Udita Goswami tells Rajat Bedi that she dosent know when Emraan Hashmi had clicked those photographs of her. Rajat Bedi tells her that did ... tags: AashiquiAksarDaayanDinoEkEmraanFull

Tara Sharma tells Udita Goswami that Emraan Hashmi Misbehaved with her (Aksar)

Tara Sharma comes crying to Udita Goswami's bedroom and tells her that Emraan Hashmi Misbehaved with her. She dosent believe her and goes ... tags: AksarDinoDirtyEmraanHashmiKapoorMorea

Udita Goswami is Surprised to see Tara Sharma at her Birthday Party (Aksar)

Udita Goswami is surprised to see Tara Sharma at ther birthday party and aks Dino Morea why did he call her. He tells her that Tara is her ... tags: AksarBhaagDaayanEkEmraanHashmiLove

Dino Morea tells Udita Goswami to Forgive Him (Aksar)

Dino Morea tells Udota Goswami that he wants her back in his life and that he is sorry and to forgive him. Udita Goswami tells him its too ... tags: AksarBesharamDaayanEkEmraanGoswamiHashmi

Dino Morea Catches Emraan Hashmi in Udita Goswami's Bedroom (Aksar)

Dino Morea sees Enraan Hashmi with Udita Goswami in her bedroom. He tells her to give him a divorce and she refuses saying never to talk ... tags: AksarBhaagDinoEmraanGhanchakkarHashmiLanguage

Udita Goswami Praises Emraan Hashmi's Paintings (Aksar)

a parcel is delivered for Emraan Hashmi. Udita Goswami open the parcel and sees her painting. She tells Dino Morea that Emraan Hashmi is a ... tags: AksarbollywoodDaayanDinoEkEmraanGhanchakkar

Emraan Hashmi hears Udita Goswami Singing in the Bathroom (Aksar)

Emraan Hashmi hears Udita Goswami Singing. He goes in and sees her in the shower . He comes put and Dino Morea aks him what he was doing in ... tags: AksarDinoEmraanFullGoswamiHashmihindi