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Air Strikes Videos - 3 by Popular

Air strikes rock Syria

A helicopter buzzes atop what activists say is the Syrian city of Aleppo. later - an explosion rocks the country's commercial capital. ... tags: airstrikesAleppoAndrewcitydrawfrompeace

Airstrikes and battle wounds in Syria

Syrian government fighter jets in the sky in Eastern Syria. Amateur video out of Deir al-Zor which could not be independently verified by ... tags: airstrikeAirstrikesAmateurandbattlecityDeborah

Explosion in Gaza

A loud explosion rocked Gaza in the pre-dawn hours on Saturday November 17, following an Israeli air strike on the coastal enclave, Reuters ... tags: airstrikesCutExplosionFlamesIsraelilightpre

Israeli forces positions tanks on border

Preparing for a ground war --- Israeli forces position themselves along Gaza's border making an invasion that much more likely. The cabinet ... tags: airstrikesandartillerydeployforcesIsraelione

Israeli airstrikes hit Gaza for a seventh straight day

Devastation in this Gaza neighbourhood, where four members of the same family - four-year-old twin boys and their parents - were killed in ... tags: airairstrikesentersforhitIsraelireports

A barrage of missiles in Syria

A barrage of missiles in Syria. Amateur video out of Syria which could not be independently verified by Reuters shows an aggressive air ... tags: airstrikesAmateurandappearsbarragemissilesreports

Airstrikes across Syria

Airstrikes over Syria. Amateur video which could not be independently verified by Reuters shows government fighter jets over the suburbs of ... tags: acrossairstrikesanti-aircraftbeginreportsshowtaking

Amateur video appears to shows airstrikes and Syrian tanks coming under attack

This how rebels responded to a stepped up military offensive in Darraya, eventually focusing their gunfire at this escaping soldier. ... tags: airstrikesandattackDeborahGembaraoffensivestepped

Airstrikes in rural Damscus

Fighter jets carried out air strikes on a rural community in Damascus in this latest video posted to a social media website whose content ... tags: airstrikesamidcommunitiesDamascusfiregovernmentput

Heading for Libya: Video of jets loaded with weapons at US military base

Follow latest updates at and fighter jets and C-130 cargo planes took off from the US air base in Aviano, northern Italy on Sunday, as part ... tags: airstrikesLibyaMoammarrebelsunrestviolencewar

'Foreign crusade against Libya will make Gaddafi a hero'

Follow latest updates at and Younes Abouyoub, a Research Scholar from New York's Columbia University talks to RT about Libya assault. tags: airstrikesLibyaMoammarrebelsunrestviolencewar