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Video: Daschle, Sununu, Hassett, Romer on State of the Union

Jan. 25 Bloomberg -- Former Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle, former Republican Senator John Sununu, Kevin Hassett, director of ... tags: Agencies,GovernmentBudgetBusinessCareCare,HealthColumbia,EconomicCongressional

Video: Barnes Says Obama to Propose 5-Year Discretionary Freeze

Jan. 25 Bloomberg -- Melody Barnes, White House domestic policy adviser, discusses President Barack Obamas State of the Union address ... tags: Agencies,GovernmentBudgetBuilders,HousingBusinessCareCare,HealthCongressional

Video: McLarty Says Obama Must Move Agenda to Political Center

Jan. 25 Bloomberg -- Thomas 'Mack' McLarty, former chief of staff for President Bill Clinton, talks about the outlook for President Barack ... tags: Agencies,GovernmentBusinessCareCare,HealthColumbia,EconomiccstickersEconomy,U.S.

Video: Camp Says U.S. Needs Lower Tax Rates, Fewer Loopholes

Jan. 20 Bloomberg -- U.S. Representative David 'Dave' Camp, a Michigan Republican and chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, talks ... tags: Agencies,GovernmentBusinessCareCare,HealthColumbia,EnglishcstickersGovernment,United

Video: Dewhurst Says He May Take `Serious Look' at Senate Race

Jan. 13 Bloomberg -- Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst talks about his potential interest in running for the U.S. Senate seat ... tags: Agencies,GovernmentBusinessCareCare,HealthcstickersGaming,DistrictHealth

Video: CVS's Denton Says U.S. Investigations to Finish in 2011

Jan. 6 Bloomberg -- David Denton, chief financial officer of CVS Caremark Corp., talks about U.S. antitrust investigations into the ... tags: Acquisitions,Multimedia-ExecActions,CorporateAgencies,GovernmentBusinessComm,Corporatecstickers

Video: Paul Ryan Says U.S. Will Avoid Defaulting on Debt

Jan. 6 Bloomberg -- House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, a Wisconsin Republican, talks about U.S. government spending and the debt ... tags: Agencies,GovernmentBusinessCareCare,HealthColumbia,EconomiccstickersEconomies,District

Video: Quinn Says Supreme Court to Rule on Health-Care Overhaul

Jan. 4 Bloomberg -- Jane Bryant Quinn, a personal finance columnist and author of 'Making the Most of Your Money Now,' talks about the ... tags: Agencies,GovernmentBusinessCareCare,HealthcstickersExperts,News,Politics,SocialHealth

Video: PRGX's Bahl Sees Opportunity Under Health-Care Overhaul

Jan. 3 Bloomberg -- Romil Bahl, chief executive officer of PRGX Global Inc., talks about the company's recovery-audit services and the ... tags: Agencies,GovernmentBusinessCapCareCare,HealthcstickersHealth

Video: Mathias Sees Progress on Trade, Taxes in Next Congress

Dec. 29 Bloomberg -- Anne Mathias, director of research at MF Global, talks about the outlook for congressional legislation in 2011. ... tags: Agencies,GovernmentBusinessCareCare,HealthColumbia,EnglishcstickersDept.,

Video: Kotlikoff Says Obama Health-Care Plan `Too Expensive'

Dec. 29 Bloomberg -- Laurence Kotlikoff, a professor of economics at Boston University and a Bloomberg columnist, discusses the outlook for ... tags: Agencies,GovernmentBusinessCare,Interviews,MediaColumnists,Bloomberg,BusinessColumnsCommentary,CompanyCommentary,General