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African Literature Videos by Popular

Days of Trying Times by Nigel Jack

Listen.Life has never stretched a generous hand to me. I live by the meanest means and happiness comes by accident. I've got nothing to ... tags: african_literatureAfrican_WritingArtsArts_Literaturecomedycommentcrime

The Matchstick Man by Christopher Mlalazi

Listen.His feet a blur that even seemed not to touch the tar, the Matchstick man flew along the street. Behind him chased a police car, ... tags: african_literatureAfrican_WritingArtsArts_Literaturechristopher_mlalazicomedycomment

Yesterday's Dog by Masimba Musodza

Listen.It had been a long drive, and Stanley was beginning to doze off. Harare was less than 20 kilometres away on the Mutare Road. The ... tags: african_literatureAfrican_WritingArtsArts_LiteratureCIOcomedycomment

The Lottery by Ivor W. Hartmann #01

Listen. 'What are we now Can we really call ourselves human any more What of our souls, heaven, and hell'- Emergency Online Transference ... tags: african_literatureAfrican_WritingArtsArts_Literaturecomedycommentcrime

In the Blood by Masimba Musodza

Listen. The urge to drink was strong, but there was nothing stronger to drink in the office than water. Batsi Makoni gulped down half a ... tags: african_literatureAfrican_WritingArtsArts_Literatureauthorcomedycomment

Still Going by Emmanuel Sigauke

Listen. I was going to the gathering and no one would stop me. Not even Mai, not Maiguru. Nothing, not even the duty to take care of the ... tags: african_literatureAfrican_WritingArtsArts_Literatureauthorcomedycomment

The Devil's Advocates by Ivor W. Hartmann

Listen.URGENT TOP SECRET For H.R.E Eyes Only In terms of the Information Umbrage Act. All unauthorised viewers confessed, intimated or ... tags: african_literatureAfrican_WritingArtsArts_Literaturecomedycommentcourt_drama

Framed by Masimba Musodza

Listen. After Cleveland, the stretch of motorway to Marondera was clear of traffic and Abby felt that he had it all to himself at last. ... tags: african_literatureAfrican_WritingArtsArts_Literatureauthorchidhomacomedy

Cost of Courage by Beaven Tapureta

Listen. When I was not with Brother I was with it again. Tonight it found me alone, away from Brother. It was like an incurable mental ... tags: african_literatureAfrican_WritingArtsArts_Literaturebeaven_tapuretacomedycomment

Choices by Esi W. Cleland

Listen. She is a dark, tall, beautiful, witty Senegalese young woman in her twenties, with white teeth accentuated by her dark healthy ... tags: african_literatureafrican_women_writersAfrican_WritingArtsArts_Literaturechoicescomedy

UK Lucy by Sarudzayi Chifamba-Barnes

Listen. Hands shaking and her whole body shivering from fear and anxiety, Maria quickly parked her car in front of the two-bedroom terraced ... tags: african_literatureafrican_women_writersAfrican_WritingArtsArts_Literaturecomedycomment