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AFGHANISTAN - Afghanistan: Census Impossible?

How many Afghans live in Afghanistan The question sounds simple enough, but no one seems to know the exact number. Estimates of the ... tags: affairsAfghanistanAfghanistan_warcurrentdemographyduplexFOCUS

USA - US Afghanistan veterans prepare for transition to civilian life

The details still haven't been set regarding the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. President Karzai has so far refused to sign a ... tags: AfghanistanAfghanistan_warUSAUS_military

CNN Poll: Afghanistan War Now Least Popular U.S. Conflict

A CNN/ORC survey found only 17 percent of Americans still support the war in Afghanistan, making it less popular than the Iraq and Vietnam ... tags: afghanistanafghanistan_approvalafghanistan_pollafghanistan_waral_qaedairaq_warmiddle_east

"Lone Survivor" Featurette- 'Real Heroes'

Watch this behind-the-scenes look at Universal Pictures' 'Lone Survivor' about the 'Real Heroes' of this incredible true story directed by ... tags: Afghanistan_WarBen_FosterEmile_HirschLone_SurvivorMark_Wahlbergmovie_previewPeter_Berg

Egypt enacts new anti-protest law

Double Standards with Afshin Rattansi is a political satire program broadcast from the heart of London that exposes the hypocrisy of world ... tags: Afghanistan_waranti_protest_lawCairoECHREgyptFrance_veil_banMarco_Rubio

DEBATE - Afghanistan: The Endless War? (part 2)

As elders in Kabul vote on letting 15,000 US-led troops stay on for another decade, France 24 brings you an exclusive report from Kapisa ... tags: affairsAfghanistanAfghanistan_waranalysisbreakingcommentcurrent

POV of a U.S snipers who engages enemy forces

U.S. snipers provide support for their men below, during an on-going battle with Taliban forces. Afghanistan, Oct-03-2013

US Afghanistan War

It has been 12 years since the US invaded Afghanistan to push al-Qaeda terrorists out of the country following the 11th of September ...

Local heroes return from war zone

Dozens of local heroes returned home from Afghanistan at Eppley Airfield in Nebraska on Monday, reuniting with those they were fighting for.

Issues Under Fire: Taliban and Pakistan Hooks Up, Now What?

After hundreds of billions spent and too many lives to ever truly be known lost, Americans must face the probability of leaving ... tags: AfghanistanAfghanistan_warhomeland_securityIranNews_Politicspakistanterror

NATO Commander Apologizes for Alleged Quran Burning

Afghans protested over reports of Quran mistreatment. ISAF commander Gen. John Allen immediately apologized. tags: afghanistanafghanistan_warbagram_air_baseislamjohn_allenmuslimsnato

Taliban Leaders to Open Qatar Office

Coming up, the Taliban has announced plans to open an diplomatic office in Qatar. The Takeaway looks at what it means for the Taliban to ... tags: afghanistanafghanistanwaranalysisbbcconversationearlyeconomy