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Clothing That Protects You From the Sun

Clothes are an underused way to shield your skin from the sun's UV radiation. Here's what to look for in the store -- and in your closet. tags: aerobic_workoutexercisefitnessHealthsports

6 Ways to Prevent Hearing Loss

Concerts, iPods, and lawnmowers can take a toll on your hearing. Here's how to prevent hearing loss before it starts. tags: aerobic_workoutHealthtech_check

Where Germs Hide in Your Office

How clean is your office Dr. Bruce Dan looks at the germiest jobs and where around the office germs tend to collect. tags: aerobic_workoutdancingexercisefitnessHealth

Nanny Star Fran Drescher Talks About Uterine Cancer

TV funnywoman Fran Drescher had audiences chuckling as 'The Nanny,' but her behind-the-scenes health scare was no laughing matter. tags: aerobic_workoutcardiofitnessHealth

How to Spot Home Electrical Hazards

Electrical problems are a major cause of house fires. Here's how to spot and safeguard against electrical hazards in your home. tags: aerobic_workoutdanceexerciseHealthheart-healthysing

What is the Best Workout for Weight Loss?

It's important to burn calories during your workout, but it's even more important that your training sessions raise metabolic rate. If they ... tags: Aerobic_WorkoutBody_NutritionBurning_CaloriesCalorie_CountingCarbsCardio_WorkoutEating_Healthy

Are the Calorie Counters on Exercise Machines Accurate?

If there's one thing you're certainly going to do on a diet, it's calorie counting. But are the numbers on exercise machines accurate Or ... tags: Aerobic_WorkoutBody_NutritionBurning_CaloriesCalorie_CountingCarbsCardio_WorkoutEating_Healthy

What is the Best 15-Minute Workout?

Fifteen might not seem like a lot of time, especially when it comes to burning fat and building muscles, but all it takes is four to seven, ... tags: 15_Minute_WorkoutAerobic_WorkoutCardio_WorkoutDead_LiftsExerciseExercise_EquipmentFat_Loss:_Ask_a_Trainer

Is Cooling Down After a Workout Really Necessary?

Cooling down after your session is just as important as warming up prior to it. You don't want to be left dizzy with muscle injuries, now ... tags: Aerobic_WorkoutBest_Time_to_StretchCardio_WorkoutCool_DownDizzyExerciseFaint

What is the Best Exercise to Build Calf Muscles?

Building and toning your calf muscles is simple, but there's one thing you must keep in mind - the Achilles tendon. Watch to find out how ... tags: Achilles_TendonAerobic_WorkoutAsk_a_TrainerBuilding_Muscles:_Leg_MusclesCalf_RaiseCardio_WorkoutExercise

How Soon Can I Expect to See Results?

For most people looking to build muscle, you can expect to see increases in strength within the first two weeks, and then increases in ... tags: Aerobic_WorkoutCardio_WorkoutExerciseExercise_EquipmentExercise_ResultsFat_LossFirst_Two_Weeks