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Yemen: ataque terrorista con bomba deja tres soldados muertos en Adén

Un ataque suicida hizo explotar una bomba en un cuartel ubicado en Adn, ciudad del sur de Yemen, dejando al menos tres soldados muertos y ... tags: Adenataqueejercitogruposguerrainternasluchas

Télézapping : Pirates, l'enfer du Golfe d'Aden

Tlzapping du lundi 13 avril 2009. Tlzapping, la revue de presse quotidienne des journaux tlviss de la mi-journe. Ralisation Le ... tags: adengolfekenyalemondelemondefrmaritimepiraterie

Télézapping : L'avertissement de Sarkozy aux pirates

Tlzapping du mardi 16 septembre 2008. Tlzapping, la revue de presse quotidienne des journaux tlviss de la mi-journe. Images TF1, France 2, ... tags: adenlemonde.frlemondefrmondeotagespiratessomalie

From the top | Video of the day

Taking a page from Google Earth, Berlin photographer Menno Aden developed a technique to show interiors - of elevators, offices, trains - ... tags: AdenbirdsceilingdayDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TV

Tjukurrpa, le temps des rêves (bande annonce)

Le tourisme indigne offre unterrain de rencontre et dchange entre les deux civilisations australiennes lune coloniale cherche oublier son ...

'Pirates don't attack escorted ships'

Pirates avoid attacking vessels escorted by warships but this measure provides only temporary relief, says Oleg Gurinov, captain of the ... tags: AdencaptainFearlessfightGulfinterviewNeustrashimy

Who will stop Somali pirates?

The Russian Navy is to maintain a regular presence near Somali waters in 2009. The news comes as representatives of 40 countries hold a ... tags: AdenAfricaGulfHornNavypiracySomalia

South Yemen: The Call for Division

Calls for the separation Yemen's north and south have been increasing since 2011 and especially following the fall of Ali Abdullah Saleh ... tags: AbdullahAdenAliHouthisPressSalehsecession

Perfekte Ãœbung - Wadenheben sitzend mit Langhantel

Wadenheben sitzend - mit Langhantel' ist eine Variante der klassischen bung Wadengert sitzend'.Begleiten Sie unsP4P Deutschland - P4P ... tags: adenÜbungenBEINEDrückmaschinefitnesstrainerWaden

Nansen Refugee Award

The UN Refugee Agency has announced the winner of this year's Nansen Refugee Award, a Somali woman and ex-refugee who founded the Galkayo ... tags: AdenagencyHawaMohamedrefugeeSomaliaun

Somalia: Meet the pirates - 12 June 09

Abdulrashid Ahmed was a pirate off the coast of Aden for many years. Formerly a fisherman by trade, he tells Al Jazeera about his ... tags: AdencoastEnglishhijackingJazeerapiracySomalia

Yemen steps up fight against al-Qaeda

A branch of al-Qaeda is claiming to have formed a new army in the south of Yemen. But the military is denying claims that the group is ... tags: adenaljazeerajazeeramiddleeastnewsqaedaShabwaterrorism