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Liberty locked & loaded: American gun addiction

As America struggles to halt the fallout from that Afghan massacre - back home, guns are once again all the rage. Despite high unemployment ... tags: addictingbattlefieldgunHansonJimKafanovliberty

What Makes Sugar So Addictive

Check out what makes sugar so addictive.Feeling guilty for having that 2nd cupcake Dont. Humans are just hardwired that way.Sugar ... tags: addictingaddictivegeneralKnowledgemakesnewssugar

Nixie's Final Homage to Her Favorite Video Games of All Time! - Nixie Pixel Geekbuzz

We all have that favorite video game that smacks us in the face with nostalgia when we see it. I just happen to have so many that it ... tags: addictingbestgamesgamingpcvideo

10 Movies You Have To Watch

Hopefully you will understand cinema better now. Download this video here for higher quality Something to think about ... tags: 10AbbasAddictingAllAndArtBlissfully

6 Strange but Real Addictions

From tanning beds to nasal spray, and from plastic surgery to blackberry crackberry usage, addiction can crop up almost anywhere. Life is ... tags: addictingaddictionsaddicts:_eccentricfood_addictionHealth_Videosinternet_addictionMedical

Classic Game Room - LET ME OUT mobile review

Let Me Out review for iPad. Classic Game Room reviews LET ME OUT for iPad and iPod published by Chillingo. CGR Let Me Out video review ... tags: addictingaddictiveappApplebookChillingoCompany


Just something I always wanted to make. Download this video here for higher quality Truth about emo/screamo ... tags: AddictingAllBrainwashingConspiracyDemonEliteEmo

Mj picks out her first pumpkin!! vidds!

Mj found one of the smallest pumpkins out of thousands to choose i think she just though it wouldnt get a nice home what a great girl.. tags: accidentaddictinganimalavatarbabybigboobs

Crazy 14 YR Old Kid Stabbed Great-Grandmother to Death with sword over Halo Video Game

for more on this story visit Video games like Mortal Combat Black Ops can lead to addiction easily and can lead to ... tags: 14 addict addicting bizarre boy combat crazy

iBlast Moki 2 iPhone App Review -

Today Blast some Moki's in a shining example of how to do a sequel properly. A review of iBlast Moki 2 by App iBlast Moki 2 ... tags: app appolicious appvee balloon big bomb create

Non-Stop Nyan Cat Lost In Space! 50,000+

This video is me playing the Non-Stop Nyan Cat Lost in Space along with the Non-Stop Nyan Cat music Enjoy tags: Addicting animation Cat cats cute Funny Hilarious