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'Rock Of Ages' Director Checks Into Rehab

Director Adam Shankman checked into rehab Tuesday. His rep confirmed the news, though details are scarce. tags: adamadam_shankmandirectorgleerehabrehabilitationrock_of_ages

Adam Shankman Admits Troubles Night Before Entering Rehab

Adam Shankman has checked into rehab. We spoke with Adam the night before he entered at the Trevor Live L.A. event in Hollywood, and he ... tags: adam_shankmanadam_shankman_gleeadam_shankman_interview_about_rehabadam_shankman_interview_before_rehabadam_shankman_problemsadam_shankman_rehabhollyscoop

Adam Shankman Is In Rehab! Director & Hollywood Friend Of Zac Efron & Cory Monteith Seeks Help!

Oh no Famed director, producer, and choreographer Adam Shankman has check himself into rehab this morning. A rep for the man behind ... tags: Adam_ShankmanAmerican_film_actorsAmerican_film_directorsCory_MonteithEnglish-language_filmsSad_SadTrevor_la_live

Hollywood Musical Drama Hairspray

Pleasantly plump teenager Tracy Turnblad teaches 1962 Baltimore a thing or two about integration after landing a spot on a local TV dance ...

Bugsy the Guinea Pig

Bedtime Stories 2008 - Bugsy the Guinea Pig - Patrick Jonathan Morgan Heit and Bobbi Laura Ann Kesling introduce Uncle Skeeter Adam Sandler ... tags: Adam_SandlerAdam_ShankmanAisha_TylerAllen_CovertAspenBarry_NottinghamBobbi

Can You Dig It?

Bedtime Stories 2008 - Can You Dig It - The Greek gladiator Skeeticus Adam Sandler jumps a chariot over a herd of elephants to the delight ... tags: Adam_SandlerAdam_ShankmanAisha_TylerAllen_CovertAspenBarry_NottinghamBobbi

Mrs.Kline, Always a Pleasure

Bringing Down the House 2003 - Mrs.Kline, Always a Pleasure - Mrs. Kline Betty White has some questions for her neighbor, Peter Sanderson ... tags: Adam_ShankmanAngus_T._JonesAshleyBetty_WhiteCharlene_MortonDaniel_BarnesEd_Tobias

I Wanna Rock

Rock of Ages 2012 - I Wanna Rock - Drew Boley Diego Gonzaacutelez Bonetanbspfinally gets to perform in front of a full audience.nbsp tags: Adam_ShankmanAlec_BaldwinAniela_McGuinnessBethBroadway_DancerBryan_CranstonCatherine_Zeta-Jones

Do You Dance?

Rock of Ages 2012 - Do You Dance - Sherrie Christian Julianne Houghnbspfinds herself in a strip club asking for a job from Justice Charlier ... tags: Adam_ShankmanAlec_BaldwinAniela_McGuinnessBethBroadway_DancerBryan_CranstonCatherine_Zeta-Jones

What About Drew?

Rock of Ages 2012 - What About Drew - Sherrie Christian Julianne Houghnbspsuggests to Dennis Dupree Alec Baldwinnbspthat Drew Boley Diego ... tags: Adam_ShankmanAlec_BaldwinAniela_McGuinnessBethBroadway_DancerBryan_CranstonCatherine_Zeta-Jones

Five Minutes and Go

Rock of Ages 2012 - Five and Go - Constance Sack Malin Akermannbspgets to interview Stacee Jaxx Tom Cruise. tags: Adam_ShankmanAlec_BaldwinAniela_McGuinnessBethBroadway_DancerBryan_CranstonCatherine_Zeta-Jones

I Was Going to Be Stacee Jaxx

Rock of Ages 2012 - I Was Going to Be Stacee Jaxx - Drew Boley Diego Gonzaacutelez BonetanbsptellsnbspSherrie Christian Julianne ... tags: Adam_ShankmanAlec_BaldwinAniela_McGuinnessBethBroadway_DancerBryan_CranstonCatherine_Zeta-Jones