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Aande Videos - 3 by Popular

Episode 2

Booting on a Saturday brings Michele and Courtney face to face with an angry Detroit restaurant owner. In Providence, Charles is called ... tags: aandeaeaetvcelebritydramaentertainmentparking

Aggravated Assault

Aggressive bees that Billy suspects are Africanized sting him repeatedly while he's trying to remove a hive up high on a column in a New ... tags: aandeaeAggravated_AssaultbatsbeesBilly_the_Exterminatorextermination

Andrew / Lydia

19-year-old Andrew's mother is a hoarder, and after living in the hoard his entire life, he has learned no other way to live. Stuck in a ... tags: aandeaeaetvAndrew_/_Lydiacatscrimedirty

Carolyn / Jo

Carolyn's seven-year-old daughter is so distraught about her mother's hoarding that she has been leaving notes around the house saying, 'It ... tags: aandeaeaetvCarolyn_/_Jocatscrimedirty

Burn & Return

Dog is busy. He's after a fugitive who is allegedly an expert in the game of 'burn and return' - shoplifting goods to return them for cash ... tags: aandeaeaetvbail_bondsbounty_hunterBurn_&_ReturnBurn_&_Return_(#102)

Prayers and Mace

Today Dog's stepping into other people's business, bail bonds business that is. Both brother Tim and fellow Honolulu bondsman James need ... tags: aandeaeaetvbail_bondsbounty_huntercelebritycrime

New Dog in Town

It's Beth's birthday and Dog knows just what she needs, whether she know it or not He surprises Beth with Delilah, a Papillion puppy small ... tags: aandeaeaetvbail_bondsbounty_huntercelebritycrime

Felons Interrupted

Today Dog is back in Hawaii confronted with two alleged felons who are in crisis. Family and friends of these bondees are convinced that ... tags: aandeaeaetvbail_bondsbounty_huntercelebritycrime

Let It Snow

Christopher is barely 21, already has history of domestic abuse and assault, and now he's facing major time in a room without a view. This ... tags: aandeaeaetvbail_bondsbounty_huntercelebritycrime

When a Stranger Calls

When an offender with a long record ducks his day in court, Bobby Brown knows whom to call--The Dog And knowing that few souls can resist ... tags: aandeaeaetvbail_bondsbounty_huntercelebritycrime

Rush from Judgment

Facing hard time for forging checks, Melissa pulled a vanishing act at her sentencing hearing, bolting from the courthouse in broad ... tags: aandeaeaetvbail_bondsbounty_huntercelebritycrime

Stormy Weather

Going after two fugitives in one day is tough enough without the facing Colorado's notoriously unpredictable weather. Today it's the threat ... tags: aandeaeaetvbail_bondsbounty_huntercelebritycrime