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Aachen with Tourists from Venezuela | Discover Germany

We accompany two cousins, Cousins Leonel and Jos Orta, through the imperial city in Advent and discover, among other things, the cathedral ... tags: aachenaachener_printencathedraldeutsche_wellediscover_germanydwimperial_city

Tomorrow Today | Soft and silent

No other bird flies as quietly as an owl. Their wings have special characteristics that make this possible. As a result,they are able to ... tags: AachenbirdDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVfliesGermany

Video of the day | Drawing inspiration from owls

No other bird flies as quietly as an owl. Their wings have special characteristics that make this possible. Scientists in Aachen are now ... tags: AachenairplaneDaydecksDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TV

Made in Germany | Studio Talk: Thomas Straubhaar

Germany has handed out generous bail-out packages worth billions of euros to save companies like car maker Opel and other major employers. ... tags: AachencompanyDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVEconomicsGermany

Studio Guest Prof. Bernhard Steinauer | Tomorrow Today

Our Studio Guest Prof. Bernhard Steinauer, Institute of Road and Traffic Engineering, Aachen tags: AachenandBernhardDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVEngineering

Euromaxx highlights | Euromaxx

Lifestyle EuropeSky Fall 2Austrian Stuntman Felix Baumgartner set a new world record by free falling from space, some 39 kilometers above ... tags: aachenarchitectawardblogbreakdance_blockbustercarola_klöcknerdeutsche_welle

K 2013: Kunststoff macht Leben leichter

Schienbeinschoner sind fr Fuballer, Kampfsportler und Inline-Skater nicht wegzudenken. Im Vorfeld der Kunststoffmesse K in Dsseldorf ...

Examine it!: Renting Instead of Owning - Private Car Sharing | Drive it!

In Germany, the average car stays parked for 23 hours a day. Five students in Aachen have developed a new model of private car sharing. ...

Aachen – Three Travel Tips | Discover Germany

Uwe Brandt loves the theater, and has been the manager of the Grenzland Theater in Aachen for three years. His three tips for Aachen are ...

Germany: The nuns of Zweifall | European Journal

The financial crisis has also taken its toll on churches. Congregations have had to tighten their belts, and convents too. There are only ...

Ravensburg - Karriere im Süden

'Karriere im Sden' ist ein Programm der Wirtschafts- und Innovationsfrderungsgesellschaft des Landkreises Ravensburg. Zu Besuch waren nun ... tags: AachenFachkräfteimInnovationsförderungsgesellschaftkarriereRavensburgsüden

Albert Streit in Aachen: sportlicher Neuanfang unter Funkel

Alemannia Aachen hat einen prominenten Neuzugang - Albert Streit, der bse Bube der Bundesliga. In Aachen will der ehemalige Schalker nur ... tags: aachenalbertfunkelfussballneuanfangstreit