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Fluorosis: White Specs & Yellow Teeth

Nobody likes yellow, stained teeth. But imagine embarrassing white specks on your teeth that can never be brushed away.Those specks may be ... tags: :oral_carecausecavitieschildrencrackingdecaydental

Fluoride: The Great Debate

Health care professionals, and even local politicians, have been arguing over fluoride's virtues and vices for decades. So what's the ... tags: :oral_careamountavoidbenefitscausecavitieschildren

Overcoming Dental Anxiety

If a trip to the dentist is right up there with public speaking and a shark attack on your list of fears, you're not the only one. Up to 15 ... tags: :oral_care:_Healthaccidentanestheticanxietyappointmentask

Dental Hygiene Visit 101

Does every dental appointment seem the same You sit in the chair, your dentist pokes around your mouth, tells you to floss more. If this ... tags: :oral_careanswersaskcausecleaningdentaldental_appointment

Sensitive Teeth

If you have sensitive teeth, you definitely know it. Sensitive teeth can be caused by many things, but the most common issue is tooth ... tags: :oral_careacidbrushingcausecavitycolddental

Beauty Gaps: Natural Vs. Cosmetic

You've seen them on Marc Jacob's runway and the cover of Vogue. Once seen as a beauty flaw, that gap between the two front teeth is must ... tags: :oral_carebenefitscausedentalDiastemadrillingfront_teeth

Smile Makeovers & Your Aesthetic Zone

Your smile is one of the FIRST things people notice when they look at you. Luckily, dental specialists can fix almost all cosmetic dental ... tags: :oral_careaesthetic_zonebleachingbondingcapscausecosmetic

Lead in the Labs

Could your dental work be hazardous to your health For years, rumors have been circulating that lead in materials used in crowns, bridges ... tags: :oral_careallergiesbenefitscausecheapchemicalscost_cutting