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2012 Election Videos - 4 by Popular

Occupy DC: Branden Lane Recounts Being Assaulted With an Umbrella by Bill O Reilly

Branden Lane, an activist with Wisconsin Jobs Now and Take Back The Capitol, discusses his attempt to videotape Bill O'Reilly on Dec. 7 ... tags: 2012_electionBill_O'ReillyBranden_LaneCable_Newscable_TVcongressconservative

Occupy Newt: Andy Kroll Gives a Firsthand Account of Protesters Taking Over Gingrich Fundraiser

Andy Kroll, staff reporter for Mother Jones, describes what he saw when protesters in D.C. occupied GOP presidential candidate Newt ... tags: 2012_electionAndy_KrollCable_Newscable_TVcongressconservativeCountdown

Worst Persons: Gretchen Carlson, Steve Doocy and "Fox and Friends," Glenn Beck and Rick Santorum

Find out why Gretchen Carlson, Steve Doocy and everyone at 'Fox and Friends' are WORSE Glenn Beck is WORSER and GOP presidential wannabe ... tags: 2012_electionCable_Newscable_TVcongressconservativeCountdownCountdown_with_Keith_Olbermann

Worst Persons: David Crocker, Newt Gingrich and Scott Walker

Find out why Mayor David Crocker of South Fulton, Tennessee, is WORSE Newt Gingrich is WORSER and Gov. Scott Walker R-Wis. is the WORST ... tags: 2012_electionCable_Newscable_TVcongressconservativeCountdownCountdown_with_Keith_Olbermann

Comedian Patton Oswalt Calls Out Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann for Hysterical Homophobia

Keith and comedian Patton Oswalt poke fun at Rick 'Man on child, man on dog' Santorum and Michele Bachmann for their latest homophobic faux ... tags: 2012_electionCable_Newscable_TVcongressconservativeCountdownCountdown_with_Keith_Olbermann

Occupy Atlanta: Rev. Joseph Lowery On Foreclosure Crisis, Historical Significance of the Occupy ...

Keith and Rev. Joseph Lowery, civil rights leader supporting, discuss the foreclosure crisis in Atlanta. tags: 2012_electionCable_Newscable_TVcivil_rightscongressconservativeCountdown

Out: Cain Suspends Campaign

Herman Cain suspended his presidential run because of the 'continued distraction' for his family. tags: 2012_electioncaincampaignginger_whitehermanherman_cainherman_cain_affairs

Cain Pulls Plug on Presidential Campaign

After leading many polls one month ago, Herman Cain announced he would suspend his campaign in a news conference Saturday. tags: 2012_electioncaincampaignginger_whitehermanherman_cainherman_cain_affairs

Tim Dickinson On Donald Trump

Keith and Tim Dickinson, Rolling Stone's national political correspondent, discuss a new opportunity for the candidates to come up trumps ... tags: 2012_electionCable_Newscable_TVcongressconservativeCountdownCountdown_with_Keith_Olbermann

Steve Kornacki On the Fall of Cain

Keith and Steve Kornacki, Salon news editor, assess the state of Herman Cain's campaign and discuss whether Newt Gingrich can maintain his ... tags: 2012_electionCable_Newscable_TVcongressconservativeCountdownCountdown_with_Keith_Olbermann

Occupy Wall Street: Jackson Browne Talks About the Movement

Singer-songwriter Jackson Browne talks about his recent performance at Zuccotti Park and his support of the movement. tags: 2012_electionCable_Newscable_TVcongressconservativeCountdownCountdown_with_Keith_Olbermann