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Puff Daddy P. Diddy Gets Parking Ticket, Paps Bust Up

Outside BOA, Puff Daddy P. Diddy pulls his wheels right up to the red zone in front of the celebrity restaurant and waltzes in, unaware ... tags: 112310BOACelebrityDiddydotHollywoodtv

Cassie Wishes Everybody a Happy Thanksgiving

Cassie, looking drop dead sexy with a partially shaved head, arrives for some grubbin' at BOA, and wishes everybody a happy Thanksgiving. tags: 112310BOACassieCelebritydotHollywoodtv

L.A. Lakers Star Andrew Bynum Spotted at BOA

Outside BOA, Los Angeles Lakers star Andrew Bynum casually strolls to his car with his dinner date and disappears into the night. tags: 112310AndrewBOABynumdotHollywoodtv

Dolph Lundgren Emerges From BOA

Everyone's favorite Russian actor, Dolph Lundgren emerges from BOA and reveals he's working on the Expendables DVD project for ... tags: 112310BOADolphdotHollywoodLundgrentv

Margaret Cho Spotted at the Roosevelt

Spotted for a fleeting moment at the Roosevelt, Margaret Cho boards her waiting ride. tags: 112310ChodotHollywoodMargaretRooseveltThe

The Situation Prepares to Return to the Big Apple

Sitting in the back seat of his chauffeured ride with perfectly plucked eyebrows, The Situation announces his imminent return to the Big ... tags: 112310HollywoodMikeSituationSorrentinoTheTrousdale

EXCLUSIVE: Bob Arum Talks About Celeb Boxer Manny

Bob says that Manny is in the Phillipines but is getting ready for his next fight. The celeb boxer would like to fight Floyd Mayweather, ... tags: 112310ArumBobdotEXCLUSIVEHollywoodMadeo

Esai Morales Reports Massive Drama at Trousdale

Standing outside Trousdale, Esai Morales of La Bamba fame says there is massive drama going on up in there...but doesn't reveal what it is. ... tags: 112310dotEsaiHollywoodMoralesTrousdaletv

Joslyn James Speaks Out at the Red Carpet at House of Blues

Deep from the heart of the red carpet at the House of Blues, Tiger Woods' mistress Joslyn James gives us the word. tags: 112310atBDayBluesHouseJamesJoslyn

The Situation Almost Forgets That He's The Situation

Apparently startled by our camera guy's bright light, The Situation confesses that he almost forgot that he was, in fact, The Situation. ... tags: 112310JerseyMikeRooseveltShoreSituationSorrentino