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Mel Gibson Heads Down Mulholland

Mel Gibson heads down Mulholland in the middle of heated legal struggles with his ex, Oksana Grigorieva. tags: 111110dotGibsonHollywoodMelMuHollandtv

Lady Victoria Hervey Leaves The Roosevelt

Lindsay Lohan companion Lady Victoria departs the Roosevelt. Love that British accent, dahling. tags: 111110HerveyHollywoodLadyRooseveltThetv

Courtenay Semel & Kate Major Send Well Wishes to Demi Lovato

Outside Philippe, Courtenay Semel and Kate Major want everyone to be happy and healthy, and not to jump to conclusions about alleged ... tags: 111110andCourtenayHollywoodKateMajorPhilippe

EXCLUSIVE: Peter Wentz and Ashlee Simpson Hit Sanrio Event

Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson apparently have no idea who Demi Lovato is or what she might be going through. Ashlee reveals she enjoys the ... tags: 111110AshleeEXCPeteSanrioVIPSimpsonWentz

Antoine Dodson Spotted at LAX

Antoine Dodson was spotted at LAX and questioned about his costume choices for Halloween, and reveals that he would like to release a ... tags: 111110AntoineDodsondotHollywoodLAXtv

EXCLUSIVE: Kristen Kelly Shows Us Her Full Moon at Roosevelt!

Happy with her new bonus check for her reunion show, Kristen Kelly enters Roosevelt, but not before showing us her full moon. Bright it ... tags: 111110EXCLUSIVEHollywoodhollywood.tvKellyKristenRoosevelt

Michael Lohan Has Compassion for Demi Lovato & Her Family

Michael Lohan, normally a man of many words, was mum on the subject of Lindsay, but did manage to let slip that he's got compassion for ... tags: 111110dotHollywoodLohanMichaelPhilippetv

EXCLUSIVE: Japanese Musician/Producer Yoshiki Hayashi Hits Sanrio Event

EXCLUSIVE Japanese music and producer celebrity Yoshiki Hayashi of X Japan fame hits up the Sanrio event in Hollywood, apparently not used ... tags: 111110dotEXCEXCLUSIVE:HayashiHollywoodSonrioVIP

Strictly Sexual Star Johann Urb Does Not Know Who Demi Lovato Is

The ravishing Johann Urb of Strictkly Sexual and 2010 fame confesses that he doesn't know who Demi Lovato is, and thus cannot give her well ... tags: 111110dotHollywoodJohannPremieretvUrb

EXCLUSIVE: Lisa Ling Departs the Sanrio Special Event

EXCLUSIVE A visibly pleased and swag bag equipped Lisa Ling departs the Sanrio event in Hollywood with some friends. tags: 111110EXCEXCLUSIVE:HollywoodLingLisaSanrioVIP

EXCLUSIVE: Kimora Lee to Vacation in Bora Bora & Bring Back Another Baby!

EXCLUSIVE Amazing Kimora Lee is going to Bora Bora for the holidays, and is planning on returning with a baby We hope you do that legally, ... tags: 111110EXCEXCLUSIVE:HollywoodKimoraLeeSanrioVIP

Taryn Manning Sad That Demi Lovato Got Hooked on Drugs

Apparently surprised at news that Demi Lovato is in rehab for drugs, but expresses her well wishes for the fallen Disney star. tags: 111110dotHollywoodManningNightclubPremiereTaryn