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Jaffe Juice #147 – Jaffe and Joel discuss all things mobile

Instead of getting together at the end of the year to do a predictable episode of predictions although we do get in a couple of jabs at the ... tags: "Thought_Leadership"advertisingbusinessBusiness_Business_NewsBusiness_Management_MarketingBusiness_Newschapman

Electric Boogaloo Beans (BeanCast Marketing Podcast Panel Discussion)

Latest Beancast marketing podcast is up, where I join host Bob Knorpp, and panelists Twist Image and 6 Pixels of Separation's Mitch Joel, ... tags: "Natalie_Zmuda""Sloane_Kelley""Thought_Leadership"advertisingAd_AgeBeancastBob_Knorpp

Chili Beans (The Beancast Marketing Podcast)

Latest Beancast marketing podcast is up, where I join host Bob Knorpp, and panelists George Parker, Ian Schafer and Anthony Kalamut as we ... tags: "Anthony_Kalamut"30-secondadvertisingafterBeancastBob_Knorppbusiness

The Engaging Brand: Show 314 - How to Thrive on Pressure

On the show today we talk aboutWhat is pressureWhy do humans create pressure on themselves when it is not a great experienceHow to ... tags: anna_farmeryBusinessBusiness_Newsgraham_jonesleadership_podcastManagement_Marketingmarketing_podcast

The Engaging Brand: Show 315 - Coping with Cyber Overload

Anna Farmerynbspnbsptalks to her aboutnbspWhy do humans become addicted and is cyberoverload different to other types of media addiction ... tags: addictedanna_farmeryBusinessbusiness_bookBusiness_NewscyberOverloadjoanne_cantor

Cyber Beans

Latest Beancast marketing podcast is up, where I join host Bob Knorpp, Mullen's Edward Boches, Ad Age's Sheila Dougherty, and Co's Ty ... tags: "Anheuser_Busch""Black_Friday""Blockbuster_Video""Cyber_Monday""Edward_Boches""Miller_Coors""Sheila_Dougherty"

The Engaging Brand: Show 313 - How the recession has changed buying decisions

We talk about how the recession has affected the way consumers view brands and how their spending patterns have changed. SoHow the ... tags: anna_farmerybrandbrand_Bubblesbrand_valuesBusinessBusiness_Newsdetroit

Jaffe Juice #146 – Jaffe and Joel discuss The Agency of the Future or the Future of Agencies

Mitch and I get together and for once seem to agree on most of the discussion, except for the part on compensation where I'm clearly right ... tags: "6"I30-secondadvertisingafteragainAgency

The Engaging Brand: Show 311 - How customers are a marketing channel for you

Josh BernoffnbspjoinsnbspAnna FarmerynbsponnbspThe Engaging Brand podcastnbspto talk about his new book callednbspEmpowered.nbspWe ... tags: anna_farmeryBusinessBusiness_Newsempoweredjosh_bernoffleadership_podcastManagement_Marketing

The Engaging Brand: Show 310 - How to engage your audience

Nancy DuartenbspnbspnbspjoinsnbspnbspAnna FarmerynbsponnbspThe Engaging Brand podcastnbsptonbspdiscuss concepts from her new business ... tags: anna_farmeryaudienceBusinessbusiness_bookBusiness_Newsleadership_podcastManagement_Marketing

The Engaging Brand: Show 308 - Improve productivity through healthy living

Is work inherently unhealthy for usWhy simple changes to your diet and exercise can make a huge difference to your career.How the gym may ... tags: anna_farmeryanna_masonBusinessBusiness_Newsdietdistance_dietersexercise