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India: la policía dispersa con gas lacrimógeno las concentraciones religiosas en Cachemira

Polica de la regin de Cachemira gobernada por India, se enfrentaron a personas que participaban en una procesin religiosa chita en el marco ... tags: asistentes Cachemira caones de agua clash clashes dispersar enfrentamiento

Les violences menacent la transition politique au Yemen

12/02/11 De nouveaux combats ont fait 21 morts en deux jours dans le sud-ouest du Ymen. Les forces fidles au prsident Ali Saleh ont ... tags: euronewsfr Violence YmeneuronewseuronewsfrViolenceYmen

A matter of humanity - distribution of food and non-food items

Having control over your food, and therefore survival, is a basic human right - yet for many refugee women, this was not the case in the ... tags: ACNUR agency assistance border camps conflict crisis

United Against Violence - Combating Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

Sexual and gender-based violence continues to affect many refugees and displaced persons, mainly women and girls. Domestic violence is a ... tags: assistance conflict emergency flee help Kakuma Kenya

My Right To Be - Individual Registration and Documentation

Refugee women and men in Kakuma, Kenya explain the importance of being individually registered and have documents, to have access to their ... tags: assistance conflict emergency flee help Kakuma Kenya

All In The Game - Participation and Representation

Women often remain under represented in refugee, IDP and returnee leadership structures. Refugee women in Kakuma, Kenya speak about the ... tags: assistance conflict emergency flee help Kakuma Kenya

Highlights: 2011 Nansen Refugee Award

On 13 September UNHCR announced the 2011 Nansen Refugee Award laureate as Nasser Salim Ali Al-Hamairy, founder of Yemens Society for ... tags: Angelina assistance conflict emergency flee Geneva help

Somalia: No Peace Here

Fighting continues to force people to leave areas of the Somali capital, Mogadishu. Abduallahi Ali is fleeing from one makeshift camp to ... tags: assistance conflict emergency flee help Mogadishu persecution

Bangladesh Violence: Police disperse strike with tear gas

Batons and teargas canisters flew through the air as Bangladeshi police violently dispersed a general strike in the capital Dhaka. A local ... tags: bangladesh bangladesh violence Cops dhaka dhaka general strike ows police brutality

Yemen's unity government hangs in the balance

12/02/11 Twenty-one people, including a young girl, have been confirmed dead as fighting in south Yemen continues. Meanwhile, the ... tags: Violence YemeneuronewsViolenceYemen