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IMPORTANT: Can you all do me 3 favors?

As the video says. Links are below for all that --------------------------------------------------------------------------- There's more ... tags: amount azurite box broken button facebook fail

Let's play Castlevania Aria of Sorrow [Part 6] An underwater experience!

yep i experience underwater sections in this video and its not too bad, you can jump infinite times in the water so you aren't exactly ... tags: Aria Around clock Dark Darkness Dracula Gameplay

Gotham City Impostors Animated Trailer

In which one of the Jokerz impostors learns that he should be nicer to cabbies... tags: batman city gamerstemple games impostors joker

Resident Evil Revelations - The Federal Bioterrorism Commission

In Resident Evil Revelations the head of the FBC, Morgan Lansdale, works closely with BSAA chief O'Brian and former FBC members Jessica ... tags: capcom Evil gamerstemple games Revelations videogames

Let's play Castlevania Aria of Sorrow [Part 5] Only time will tell!

yep only time will tell when i take on the clock tower after finishing floating garden's explorartion. there is one annoying enemy in the ... tags: Aria Around clock Dark Darkness Dracula Dracula (Castlevani

Halo: Reach - Top 10 Best Kills, 11.30.11

Thebest of the best Halo Reach multiplayer kills of the week from IGN. Tag your kills as IGN to be considered for the best of the best ... tags: 360 best bungie fps gameplay games gaming

Let's Play Kingdom Hearts Part 29

The experiment with the heart is interrupted by three troublesome children. tags: hearts how kingdom play playstation to uzimachi

Ultimate PC Gamer

11/28/11 Bob Bledsoe is the ultimate PC gamer. don't challenge him in minesweeper, or you're going down. tags: Comedian Comedy comedy time comedytime Dir funny games

Let's play Castlevania Aria of Sorrow [Part 4] Walking on H20 is cool!

yep i can walk on water in this game and you will see me get this ability. and so i take on inner quarters and the non floating part of ... tags: Aria Dark Darkness Dracula Dracula (Castlevania) floating Games

Let's play Castlevania Aria of Sorrow [Part 1] Soul absorbing awesomeness!!

so i now start my new LP of castlevania aria of sorrow and as i said in the text box in the video this is my favorite of the castlevania ... tags: Aria Castle corridor Dark Darkness Dracula Dracula (Castlevania)

Let's play Castlevania Aria of Sorrow [Part 2] Violent chapel!

the chapel is pretty violant with the attacking enemies and these enemies don't seem to care that they're in a holy room. so yeah i go ... tags: aria chapel Dark Darkness Dracula Free Gambling