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A matter of humanity - distribution of food and non-food items

Having control over your food, and therefore survival, is a basic human right - yet for many refugee women, this was not the case in the ... tags: ACNUR agency assistance border camps conflict crisis

Lenon Honor How to Decode Media Manipulation 4 of 4

To view this video in full visit To download the full 12 hour video series visit Visit my new ... tags: Coalition Gaddafi Iraq Islam Lenon Honor lenonhonor Libya

Mosaic News - 11/30/11: Turkey Imposes Ecomonic Sanctions on Syria

UK expels Iranian diplomats over embassy storming, Turkey slaps economic sanctions on Syria as Assad's forces storm Dael, angry protestors ... tags: Ali Abdullah Saleh Arab League Assad Bashar al-Assad Crackdown Gulf Initiatve Hariri Assassination

Mosaic News - 11/29/11: Iranians Storm UK Embassy

Iranian students storm British embassy during protest against sanctions, Saudi regime deploys troops to suppress protests in Qatif, Libya's ... tags: Ali Abdullah Saleh Arab League Arab Sprin Assad Bahrain Bashar al-Assad Crackdown

UNICEF: oneminutesjr.- Ramp

This film was created by Agustin Aranadhi. He lives in Albania. A young man shows what he faces every day. Have you ever wondered how ... tags: disabled films handicapped nations short UNICEF United Nations

Mosaic News - 11/22/11: Egypt's Military Vows To Quickly Transfer Power

Egypt's military speeds up transfer of power as crackdown continues, Saudi forces kill 3 protestors in al-Qatif while US ambassador ... tags: Ali Abdullah Saleh Arab League Assad Bahrain Bashar al-Assad Britain Cairo

Solar LED Lantern village distribution

Hundreds of Solar LED Lanterns were donated and distributed to the families in the village of Ramzan Dal, District Badin. October 19, 2011 ... tags: america california district donation energy global lantern

Syrian Slide: UN blasts Assad over bloodshed

The UN Assembly's human rights committee has agreed on a resolution condemning Syria for its eight month crackdown on protesters, in which ... tags: Arab League assad opposition Bashar al-Assad buffer zone crackdown Damascus direct military action

UN rights panel condemns Syria for crackdown

The United Nations Human Rights Committee has passed a resolution condemning ongoing violence in Syria. One hundred and twenty-two nations, ... tags: Al Al Jazeera aljazeera English jazeera Syria UN

Worsening conflict could affect Somalia aid

The drought in Somalia has eased due to recent rains as well as an increase in aid, but Kenyan troops are advancing in the south and ... tags: Al Al Jazeera al- Shabaab aljazeera Dollow district drought English