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My Occupy Wall Street Demands!

I am a member of the 99... and these are MY demands. I love the United States, but our government has been thoroughly corrupted. I support ... tags: atheist corruption Demands democrat protest reform republican

Comedian/Political Columnist Michael Hayne interviews OWS sensation Jesse Lagreca

Comedian/VO artist/Columnist extraordinaire, Michael Hayne, chats with writer/activist and OWS protestor sensation, Jesse Lagreca, ... tags: Comedy congress democrats Footage fox Funny Government

Biden Doesn't Know Van Jones

Vice President Joe Biden indicated he didn't know who former Green Jobs Czar Van Jones. Biden was discussing the Occupy Wall Street ... tags: #occupywallstreet bidenoccupywallstreet bidenteaparty cenkuygur obamabiden obamaoccupywallstreet obamavanjones

Cenk Recaps ConConCon

Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks recaps ConConCon at Harvard Law School. Is it time for a constitutional convention to pass an amendment to ... tags: cenkuygur constitutionalconvention corporatepersonhood Harvard harvardlawschool moneypolitics teaparty

Teaparty: Just Let Uninsured People Die (CNN GOP debate, Ron Paul)

Super special note for Ron Paul fans below Teapartiers shout out 'yeah' when Wolf Blitzer asks Ron Paul if society should just let an ... tags: cnn conservative debate democratic party democrats gop health

Attack on Lybia: Cliff Kelly with guest the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan Pt 3

Visit and today To order this and other presentations on DVD call toll free 866-602-1230 When you ... tags: africa beyonce-is-pregnant court culture debate dinar fight