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Vitali Naishul and the Snake Hill Gang: An Insider's Look at Russia Today

Vitali Naishul, president of the Institute for the Study of the Russian Economy and the Center for the Study of Russian Socio-Political ... tags: At economics economy gosplan Knowledge knowledge at wharton phil Nichols

The AK-47: From Weapon of War to Action Star

This is the most popular and iconic assault weapon of all time. Join as we take a look back at the history of the AK-47. tags: Action AK47 AKS Army Assault Rifle Avtomat Kalashnikova Film

CrossTalk: Communist Crash

Twenty-years ago the Communist Party of the Soviet Union cease to exist. Weeks later the Soviet Union as a sovereign state too would pass ... tags: 1991 Beissinger China civil war communism Gorbachev legacy

Chicago Planetarium Honors Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin

Chicago's Adler Planetarium was the first one built in the United States, in 1930. Since it opened, it has helped visitors understand the ... tags: Adler Planetarium Soviet Union space Yuri GagarinAdler PlanetariumcosmonautSoviet Union

Russian Alexandrov Red Army Choir: Performance and History

This musical ensemble is considered the most prestigious vocal group in their native country, Russia. learns more about ... tags: Alexandrov Ensemble balalaika bayan choir communism costumes culture

Study: Neglected Tropical Diseases Surfacing in Central Asia

Many of the bacterial and parasitic worm infections commonly associated with the tropics are becoming rampant in some Central Asian ... tags: bacterial diseases brucellosis Central Asia diseases infectious diseases leptospirosis neglected tropical diseases

Aging in Armenia

United Nations, New York, August 2011 - Throughout the world, older people's contribution to society are often overlooked. The ... tags: aging Armenia economy Soviet Union United NationsagingArmenia

Sestanovich & Matlock: Jackson-Vanik

Jack F. Matlock and Stephen Sestanovich discuss what Jackson-Vanik is and the reasons behind its passage. This Carnegie Council event took ... tags: Bush Carnegie Council youtube Jack Matlock Jack Matlock Carnegie Co Jack Matlock Jackson Van Matlock Carnegie Council Matlock Russia

Randi Levinas: Russia & the WTO

Randi Levinas discusses the process and importance to the US of Russia's possible WTO accession. This Carnegie Council event took place on ... tags: Carnegie Council youtube Levinas Carnegie Council Levinas Russia Levinas WTO Levinas youtube Randi Levinas Randi Levinas Carnegie C

Ron Paul's Foreign Policy: Peace & Respect - Not Intimidation, Bribes & War

Sign up for email updates -Please like, share, subscribe comment 09 -- Ron Paul is America's leading voice ... tags: foreign policy mutually assured destruction soviet union warforeign policymutually assured destructionron paul

Soviet Norway: Lenin rocks the Arctic

Russia's vast territory extends over both land and sea, even reaching into foreign lands. A tiny part of the Spitzbergen Archipelago, ... tags: Arctic Barensburg coal global weather mining base Oksana Boyko outpost

World War II: The Aftermath

This war left many countries devastated and influenced generations of life. In Part 9 of our series on WWII, takes a look ... tags: Adolf Hitler Allied Powers Asia atomic bomb Axis Powers Cold War Europe