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CrossTalk on Bahrain: Forgotten Spring

The BICI report has accused Bahraini security forces of wrongdoing, but is the issue of the report enough justify the regime Will the ... tags: Bahrain BICI report Cairo riots Cross Talk Egypt clashes Egypt riots Egypt Supreme Council

CrossTalk: Egyptian Limbo

Will Egypt's military council ensure fair elections Does the West support the military against the traditional bogeyman known as the Muslim ... tags: Cairo riots Cross Talk David Bukay Egypt clashes Egypt p Egypt riots Egypt Supreme Council

Is Team Anna's poll of politicians credible?

Anti-corruption campaigner Anna Hazare and his team of activists unveiled a referendum that showed an overwhelming majority of people in ... tags: 24x7 Anna Bil Bill Chowdhury Hazare Jan


A gentle little dig at Little England and a serious moan at politicians who NEVER keep their promises, WE WANT OUR SAY I live in little ... tags: 198 and shove it up your by jingo daily mail EEC England EU

Ohio Referendum Repeals Republican Anti-Union Bill

Controversial bill backed by Governor John Kasich and state Republicans that would have eliminated collective bargaining rights for public ... tags: Anti-Union Bill Referendum Repeals RepublicanAnti-UnionBill

Iceland's Debt and the People's Revolt - Michael Hudson on GRTV

SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST Iceland was one of the hardest hit nations in the immediate aftermath of the September 2008 economic ... tags: banking corbettreport crisis Debt government history icesave

On Balance: Cash outweighs [Greek] people?

Germany and France threatened to kick Greece out of the Eurozone and warned at this week's G20 meeting in Cannes, it won't get the next ... tags: Anissa Naouai Cannes Demetri Kofinas Euro crisis France G20 Germany