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Occupyprotests Videos - 2 by Popular

Rush Limbaugh on Occupy Wall Street

Rush Limbaugh made some absurd statements regarding Occupy Wall Street and Republicans. The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur shares his thoughts ... tags: #occupywallstreet cenkuygur limbaughoccupywallstreet occupybanks occupyprotests occupytogether occupywallstreet

Erin Burnett Ad @ Occupy Wall Street (Cenk - Seriously?)

An ad for CNN anchor Erin Burnett's show is displayed near the Occupy Wall Street OWS protest in NYC despite the host having mocked the ... tags: #occupywallstreet cenkuygur cnnoutfront occupybanks occupybloomberg occupypark occupyprotests

Fox News: The 99 Percent 'Parasites'

Fox News host David Asman compared the Occupy Wall Street OWS protesters representing 99 of Americans to parasites. The Young Turks host ... tags: #occupywallstreet cenkuygur occupybanks occupyfoxnews occupyparasites occupyprotests occupytogether

Poll: NYers Support Occupy Wall Street, Taxes On Rich

A new poll of New Yorkers showed overwhelming support for the Occupy Wall Street protests and taxing millionaires more. The Young Turks ... tags: #occupywallstreet cenkuygur occupybanks occupybloomberg occupynypd occupypark occupypolice

Bank Of America: Occupy Customers Can't Close Accounts

Two Occupy Santa Cruz protesters inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement who were also Bank Of America BOA customers were not allowed ... tags: #occupywallstreet bankcreditunion bankofamerica bankofamericaoccupy Boa boaarrested closebankaccount

OWS Hating CBC Anchor Destroyed By Chris Hedges

Journalist Chris Hedges shined in a CBC interview with Kevin O'Leary regarding the Occupy Wall Street movement. The Young Turks host Cenk ... tags: #occupywallstreet cbcoccupy cenkuygur chrishedgesoccupy hedgesoleary occupyanonymous occupybanks

Bill O'Reilly on Sex, Drugs at Occupy Wall Street

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly tried to smear the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York City by associating them with rampant marijuana ... tags: #occupywallstreet cenkuygur foxnewsoccupywallstreet occupybanks occupymarijuana occupypark occupypot