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#N30 report from the roof of the Bank of Ideas

Police stopped and searched people here. Can this be done under Section 60 of the Criminal Justice Act tags: bankofideas grassroots hamishcampbell occupylsx votv01bankofideasgrassroots

N30 - Kettle time at Piccadilly Circus

Near Piccadilly Circus, the Police is getting nervous while setting up a Kettle to prevent protesters to move back where they want. tags: kettle marc occupylsx strike visionontv visiontvkettle

N30 Escaping the kettle

Just outside the Kettle where protesters are still trapped tags: kettle marc occupylsx strike visionontvkettlemarc

How to take on Mainstream Media | Myles Dyer

How to take on Mainstream Media, and why it's important we do OccupyMSM WHERE ELSE TO FIND ME Facebook Twitter ... tags: 376 Agenda Bias Blade376 Business Censor Censorship

What does the Occupy Movement mean?

Guardian journalist Giulio Sica sets out to Christian Jensen the key features of this global anti-capitalist movement. Talk radical media ... tags: anticapitalism christianjensen giuliosica globalviews occupylsx occupytelaviv occupywallstreet

Myles Dyer, Iain Dale & Peter Hitchens talk Occupy London | LBC 97.3 | Myles Dyer

I spoke with Iain Dale on LBC 97.3 London's Biggest Conversation in response to Peter Hitchens' comments about the Occupy London protests. ... tags: 376 Blade376 Dyer Iain Dale Inspire Jacque Fres LBC 97.3

Sukey team in action

The Sukey team is working at Hackspace London and update their 'kettle free' app. Taking reports from protesters on the grounds they update ... tags: demo2011 occupylsx occupytsq visionontvdemo2011occupylsxoccupytsq

Occupylsx - why are you filming and taking photos at a demo?

Hamish report at 2.30pm from the Occupy London protest. Hamish asks why among the thousands of people present at the demo, a big part of ... tags: grassroots hamish occupy london Occupylsx plugandplay protest votv01