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Loki Mesh Clothes - Cartoon Cellshaded

Using new Mesh technology in Life you can now dress like a 2D cartoon in a 3D world Available from Loki Mesh clothing on Life Market Place ... tags: 2D cell clothing eliot life Lokiboy mesh

The 3rd Annual Fleet Week of the Steamlands of Second Life

The Steampunk states of Life gather at Winterfell to show off their Navies and generally have a good laugh. Soundtrack in order of their ... tags: 3D loki eliot Lokiboy machinima new babbage piermont landing second life

Cell Shading with Mesh

Looking into the art of cell shading and how to implement it in life using mesh to create a cell shaded version of my current avatar. Might ... tags: 3d cartoon cell eliot Life loki Lokiboy

New Babbage Fireworks & Burning Barrel Race 2011

This video was recorded during the 5th New Babbage Bonfire and fireworks display the Great New Babbage Burning Barrel Race. This is a ... tags: babbage barrels burning eliot Life loki Lokiboy

SL Goonies - Visit Burn2 2011

The SL Goonies once again set out to explore the annual Virtual World version of Burning life 'Burn2' . We explore some of the many builds ... tags: burn2 burning eliot fire goonies Life loki

The Visitor at New Babbage Town Hall

A strange Mysterious Message was received by the Mayor of New Babbage requesting that the towns folk be present at 4pm Saturday 8th of ... tags: aether babbage clockwork dark Life Lokiboy machinima

SL Viewer Test October

A new test comparison with LL's October Development viewer against their SUPER Dev Viewer from June 2011 tags: apple development imac Life Lokiboy sl test

Escapades Pirate Party Fight in Second Life

The Final day of the weekend of celebration and we decide to have a pirate themed Tavern Party and bar fight tags: brawl chairs dancing escapades island fight loki Lokiboy

Loki's Kid Avatar Mesh Clothing example

An example of mesh Clothing for kid Avatars in life. The Shirt, Jeans and Backpack are all Mesh Objects Rigged to the SL Avatar. tags: 3D kid avatar loki eliot Lokiboy mesh MMO online

New Babbage Chronicles - The Dark Aether Falls - Teaser

Teaser Video for 'The Dark Aether' Roleplay Quest to kick off in October 2011. This will be the 5th such Event to occur in the Virtual ... tags: aether babbage Chronicles dark Eliot horror Life

Escapades Mad Hatters Tea Party in Second Life

To celebrate 1 year of Escapades Island in Life, we had a Mad Hatters themed Tea Party tags: eliot escapades hatter loki Lokiboy mad Sl

SLGoonies - The Mega Death Ray

The SL Goonies face their toughest challenge yet. They must destroy the Mega MEGA Death Ray before it is completed deep down in the Grand ... tags: adventure caves escapades game goonies Lokiboy second life