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Listening Post report - Tightening the grip: China's media campaign

As China announced its 'Cultural Development Guidelines', should the state control what society wants to see tags: Al aljazeera China China internet English Jazeera Listening Post

Listening Post - Egypt: Revolution revisited

Egypt's ongoing revolution has widened the gulf between state and private media. Plus, a Chilean TV drama brings back memories of the ... tags: Al aljazeera Arab Spring augusto pinochet chile Chilean media Egypt

Listening Post - The message from Damascus

Listening Post looks at the media battle in Syria and President Assad's PR counter-offensive the world of news and journalism through ... tags: al Jazeera aljazeera assad Barbara Serra bashar al-assad damascus Egypt blogger

Listening Post - Egyptian media: In its new rulers' grip?

Clashes in Cairo and once again the media's reporting becomes an issue. Also, the media narrative in post-war Sri Lanka. tags: aljazeera Egypt clashes Egypt media hosni mubarak Listening Post listeningpost Occupy Wall Street

Listening Post - Two leaders, two visions, many narratives

The battle for public perception at the UN - a fight between Israel, Palestine and their competing visions. tags: aljazeera Israel Julius Malema Listening Post listeningpost Mahmoud Abbas Middle East peace

Listening Post - Fear incorporated

The ongoing narrative of fear in the US media Who are the media faces of the Islamophobia network Plus, Pakistan is paying for positive ... tags: 9/11 9/11 conspiracy al-qaeda aljazeera Hamed Haroon ISI Islamophobia

Listening Post - 9/11: When truth became a casualty of war

In a series of interviews with journalists and media commentators, we look back at the 9/11 attacks and the impact on the media landscape. tags: al-qaeda aljazeera george bush Listening Post listeningpost Media 9/11 war on terror