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Mission-Critical Computing with Project Odyssey

Mission-critical computing is defined differently depending on who you ask. There are many different ways to achieve the SLA requirements ... tags: Hewlett-Packard HP HP Discover HP-UX hpdiscover Linux lockergnome

Cluzee - a Siri Alternative for Android

11/30/11 Virtual assistant Siri has been a big step in setting the iPhone 4S apart from its predecessors enough so that Android ... tags: Acoustic Alternative Rock Android (operating System) Apple Basic Cell Computer Software

Is a Windows 8 Tablet Too Late?

12/01/11 Tablet computers have been around for quite a while. But with the Apple iPad really raising the bar for quality and ... tags: Apple David Drawing Graphics Tablet Late Linux lockergnome

God Jul med Radioresepsjonen

Det nrmer seg desember og du kan vre med og synge lta 'God Jul' sammen med oss Egil fra datasupport viser deg og Bjarte hvordan du bidrar ... tags: egil datasupport linux nrk radioresepsjonenegil datasupportgodjullinux

Cons of Linux

So, I've switched back to the Mac. For those that just want a computer to work Linux isn't it. Same goes for those who need to turn in an ... tags: 695 Ease Linux Mac of OS rml

USB IBM Floppy Disk Drive is Plug-in-Play Review - Classic Uncut OSGUI

USB IBM FDD Floppy Disk Drive is Plug-in-Play with Linux Review overview - Original uncut version from Oct 23, 2009 Classic OSGUI Hardware ... tags: Classic Computer Disk Drive FDD Floppy Hardware

USB Logitech Desktop Microphone Review Unbox Demo and Studio Mic

USB Logitech Desktop Microphone Review Unbox Demo in Linux and Studio Mic for Video Camera is shown in this video too Classic OSGUI rerun tags: Computer Demo Desktop GUI Linux Logitech Microphone

Windows 7 Tips #4 Fonts & Gadgets

Windows 7 Tips 4 Fonts Gadgets. Guest video by Useful Links Sponsor My 2nd Channel ... tags: Computer Dale davomrmac desktop Fonts gadget Gadgets

Proactive Creative Finishing Application Support

This video gives you and overview of some basic troubleshooting procedures you can apply if Flame Premium software crashes. tags: dku linux shell smokedkuflamelinux