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Robert Alvarez on the Dangers of US Nuclear Power

Earth Focus An insider's look at nuclear safety. Former US energy official Robert Alvarez tells Earth Focus correspondent Miles Benson ... tags: Earth Focus Energy Environment Fukushima Link TV Nuclear Nuclear Power

Three Mile Island: The Controversy Continues

Earth Focus Three Mile Island. The worse nuclear accident in US history. The government and industry position hasn't changed in 30 years. ... tags: Energy Environment Link TV Nuclear Nuclear Power Three Mile IslandEarth Focus

Dr. Helen Caldicott on Fukushima and the Perils of Nuclear Power

Earth Focus Australian physician, author, and anti-nuclear activist Helen Caldicott discusses with Earth Focus correspondent Miles Benson ... tags: Energy Environment Fukushim Helen Caldicott Japan Link TV Nobel Peace Prize

Nuclear Power: Risks and Consequences

Earth Focus Episode 32 Nuclear Power Risks and Consequences, an original Earth Focus investigative report, looks at the untold stories ... tags: Chernobyl Disaster Energy Environment Fukushima Link TV Nuclear Disaster

Coming soon to Link TV: With My Own Two Wheels

Premiering Friday 8pm ET/ 5pm PT on Link TV, or watch online now at As a tool for development, a simple bicycle can ... tags: Bicycle Bikes Not Bombs Development Ghana Guatemala India Link TV

Link TV Presents the ViewChange iPhone App

Take ViewChange with you wherever you go Download our free app for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad to have our entire library of over 400 ... tags: Apple Development Documentaries Economic Development Gates Foundation Global Development iphone

ViewChange: Africa's Last Famine

Independent broadcaster Link TV and international relief and development organization Oxfam America produced this half-hour documentary ... tags: Africa drought Ethiopia food justice Francis Moore Lappe global development global hunger

Mexico's Tortilla Crisis

A surge in financial speculation on maize is inflating prices for corn tortillas -- a staple food in Medico -- and threatening the health ... tags: Corn Documentaries Environment Financial Speculation Food Crisis Link TV Mexico

Interview with's Bill McKibben

Journalist John Hamilton interviews Bill McKibben, founder of the climate action group and author of many books, including Eaarth. ... tags: 350 Bill mckibben Climate Change Eaarth Energy Environment

Sylvia Earle on the Future of the Oceans

Renowned oceanographer, explorer, and author Dr. Sylvia Earle, shares her insights with Earth Focus correspondent Miles Benson. tags: Climate Change Earth Focus Environment Environmental Science Link TV Oceanography Oceans

Borgen, this Fall on Link TV: How do you say "No" in Danish?

Borgen Government, the award-winning hit series from Denmark, is coming to Link TV and beginning October 29th. 'Borgen' is ... tags: Danish TV David Hudgins Denmark Drama Friday Night Lights Government Jason Katims